Exhibition Wall Graphics & Shell Scheme Printing

Stand out from the crowd with Exhibition Wall Graphics & Shell Scheme Graphic Panels

Our exhibition stand graphics can turn a shell scheme in to a high quality professional display. Simple shell scheme graphics attract passers by and showcase the best of your company. All of our shell scheme printing takes place at our purpose built printing faciltity, so you can have full confidence that our graphic designers will have looked over your exhibition graphics before going to print. There are 3 types of printed exhibition panels:

If you're not sure where to start, don't worry we're here to help! Give us a call on 01297 630130 or drop us an email and we'll help advise what the best solution is for you.

  • Clips on to shell scheme walls
  • Creates seamless display wall
  • 360 Micron PVC Board
  • Maximise stand space
  • Clips on to shell scheme walls
  • Creates seamless display wall
  • 360 Micron PVC Board
  • Maximise stand space

Using Magiclad Panels with a Shell Scheme - Tutorial

Shell Scheme Exhibition Stands Don't Have To Be Boring...

Bare Shell Clad Exhibition Stand Walls
Shell Clad Wall with Graphics

Types of Exhibition Wall Graphics

There are three basic types of Exhibition Wall Panels that we offer:

Rollable Exhibition Wall Panels: Attached to the shell scheme via velcro for a smooth display. They are printed on to the highest quality semi-rigid media, and have several finishing options.

Rigid Exhibition Wall Panels: A lightweight panel that can be cut to your sizing requirements. Your graphics are printed on the board in superb high quality and can be laminated for added protection.

Shell Clad Exhibition Wall Panels: They are unique in that they clip on to the shell scheme via a very quick and easy PVC attachment providing a stunning seamless background display. All panels are compact and can be transported easily in a drum.

Rollable Exhibition Wall Graphics

As the name suggests, these panels roll up; they fit neatly into graphics drums for transport, and later, for storage.

These rollable wall panels are printed on a variety of medias, these all offer excellent print quality to make your exhibition walls stand out.

Banner Vinyl Rollable Exhibition Wall Graphics

Banner Vinyl is a waterproof material that we use for a wide range of our exhibition display products. This is a stay flat media and our cheapest option. Print quality is not compromised and this material can be treated roughly and still maintain an excellent appearance at your exhibition. The banner vinyl wall panels are attached to the exhibition shell scheme by velcro tabs. There are other fixings available which will be explained later.

Semi Rigid Rollable Exhibition Wall Graphics

We also do a semi-rigid wall panel version by printing on to 360Mic Opeljet film, which we laminate as a matter of course to provide extra protection. This is the same media that we use in most of our modular display stands. Again we use the highest quality materials to give you the best possible print finish. With using Semi-Rigid Wall Panels this ensure that the seamless graphics will line up perfectly as the media holds its edges perfectly straight to aid you when fixing up your exhibition panels. Again, these are attached with velcro tabs, other fixing systems are available which are explained later.  

Exhibition Wall Panel Print Quality

On both wall panel versions we print our images at 2880 dpi, photo print quality, so the effect is stunning.

These rollable exhibition wall panels are made to last; reuse them at your show the following year.They are hung on to the shell scheme using Velcro pads – like wall papering, but with so much less mess.

Lightweight Rigid Exhibition Wall Panels

These wall panels which will be made out of 3mm or 5mm rigid PVC foam board, can be cut to whatever size and shape that is most convenient for you to transport. For example, instead of the wall paper type strip idea, square tiles might be easier to handle (say 800X800mm).

The forex ‘tiles’ will be laminated to keep your graphics looking flawless, and will have Velcro attached to the back for fixing your exhibition wall panels to the shell scheme.

Transportation is the major issue with these solid wall panels as they cannot be easily rolled and stored as the other rollable wall panels can. We will always try and send these to you on a pallet to ensure that the risk of damage is kept to a minimum. 

We think that if you are looking to get to an exhibition with a car, then these are not the product for you - we recommed the rollable exhibition wall panels. These are perfect for you is you have a van to transport your exhibition panels in.

Call our sales team on 01297 630 130 to discuss your requirements or email sale@creative-solutions-direct.co.uk.

Exhibition Wall Panel Fixings

There are two main types of fixings we use for attaching exhibition wall panels to shell schemes, these are detailed below

'Velcro' Exhibition Wall Panel Fixings

We fix tabs of velcro at regular intervals around the perimeter of your wall panels. We supply both type of hook and loop velcro. If you are fxing to felt then you will only need the hook type. Most shell schemes accept this fixing method. If you are looking to fix to a melamine wall or the aluminium poles that runt through the middle of the shell schemes then you will need both hook and loop types of velcro.

We only use the branded version of velcro for fixing our wall panels. This is because the adhesive backing on the velcro is much better than other makes. The Velcro we use actually has a special type of adhesive that does not react with plasticides that some vinyls contain. The effect this has is the vinyl will come away from the velcro as the fixing is broken down.

Shell Clad Exhibition Wall Panel Fixings

Instead of using Velcro like the Rollable and Lightweight Rigid Panels, Shell Clad Panels have attached on the back of them a clip-on system that is designed to fix directly on to the shell scheme. These panels are compatible with Octonorm, Sodem, Nimlok, Quad 4, Modul, Premier & Form systems. (Your exhibition organiser will be able to tell you what shell system they are using this year)

Though slightly more costly than the Velcro backed options, Shell Clad Panels will guarantee you a seamless wall of graphics.

The panels are printed onto 360mic thick Opeljet film and laminated as in the two earlier options, and can be rolled up in to a drum for easy transport and storage.

At Creative Solutions we understand that these methods of fixing up your exhibition wall panels may not be the right ones. There are many other fixing methods are available, please call 01297 630 130 to discuss any unusual requirements you may have.

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