Post-Mounted External Notice Boards

Let's Pick the Perfect Post-Mounted External Notice Board

Many products in our range are supplied with a choice of sunken or bolt down posts, and many come with the option of a double sided display, making them perfectly suited for use in a variety of high-traffic locations. 

What you need to know about our post mounted notice boards

Sunken or Bolted Down Posts

Many of our lockable notice boards are available with a choice of Class 1 (Offices & Rooms) or Class B (Corridors & Stairwells) fire rating.

Double Sided Display

Our external notice boards come with durable shatterproof glazing, mean that your display is protected from wear and tear, and vandalism.  

Supplied with Fixings

Made from recycled and recyclable pinnable backing boards, our wooden frames are built using materials from FSC approved sources. 


Ideal for protecting your display in high traffic areas, our lockable notice boards are perfect for  schools, offices, community halls and churches.

Wooden Frame Options

Finding a notice board to match your brands colours from our wide range of backing textiles is quick and easy. 

Magnetic Backing Board

With a wide range of sizes available, our range includes options for single or double doored frames, as well as for sliding or hinged openings. 

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