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Air source heat pump wrapping

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Reduce the visual impact of your air source heat pump unit with a high-grade vinyl wrap. We offer a range of wrapping and screening products for heat pump owners and installers to mitigate the physical appearance of the units and help them blend into their environment.

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Air Source Heat Pump Wrapping & Customisation

Looking to get your Air Source Heat Pump wrapped? Look no further! We are a local vinyl wrapping specialist, and have experience wrapping Air Source Heat Pump units including those made by popular and accredited manufacturers Mitsubishi (Ecodan), LG (THERMA V), Vaillant, Samsung, and Daikin.

Air Source Heat Pumps offer an extremely reliable and efficient source of energy for your heating system at home or at work, and are fast becoming a popular choice as we move forward into an age of seemingly ever-increasing utility bills in the UK. This means that they are perfect for protecting your wallet from rising energy prices!

Most Air Source Heat Pumps will come in a factory standard white or grey. To help you blend your new unit into its home, we can apply a colour change wrap, or custom printed vinyl wrap to the exterior of your Heat Pump without effecting its warranty, running or efficiency.

You've made the first step to a greener lifestyle, embracing an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels, now we can step in to assist in helping your unit blend into its new environment. Our professional team are on-hand to offer a free, no-obligation quotation service, explore with you the range of options available for wrapping, and work in tangent either with your Air Source Heat Pump supplier for pre-installation 'bolt-on' services, or with you directly for post-installation, in-situ vinyl wrapping.

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Before - Factory White Air Source Heat Pump before Colour Change Wrap Applied
Colour Change Vinyl Wrapped Air Source Heat Pump on Pallet ready for installation
White LG THERMA V Air Source Heat Pump on pallet
Matt Black wrapped LG THERMA V air source heat pump
Installed Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump
Custom Printed Brick Wall Effect Vinyl Wrap on Ecodan Air Source Heat Pump
White LG THERMA V Air Vents on Air Source Heat Pump on pallet before wrapping
White LG THERMA V Air Vents on Air Source Heat Pump on pallet after vinyl wrapping

What Vinyl Wrapping Services Do You Offer For Air Source Heat Pumps?

Single Colour-Change Black Air Source Heat Pump

Single Colour Change Wraps

Our single colour-change wraps are made by cutting the panels of your ASHP out of large rolls of single colour vinyl or film sheet without the need for printing. Available in a range of finishes to suit your desired look.

  • Large range of colours and finishes
  • Vinyl specifically engineered for external applications
  • Sleek, modern all over colour-change for your ASHP
  • Easy solution for helping your unit blend in discreetly
Printed Air Source Heat Pump Wrap to look like stone wall behind the unit

Printed Vinyl Wraps

Our digitally printed wraps are made using the same great vinyl film, taking a white base vinyl and printing your chosen design directly onto its surface. Your custom graphics can take on a matt or gloss finish, and any level of coverage required.

  • Digitally Printed with your own, or downloaded image
  • In-House Graphic Design Team on hand to assist with layout
  • Adds a personal touch to your ASHP to blend in at home
  • Same great vinyl benefits as a single colour-change wrap

Support & Advice

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you vinyl wrap an air source heat pump?

Of course! Most air source heat pumps will come in a factory standard white or light grey. To help you blend your new unit into its home, we can apply a custom vinyl wrap to the exterior of your heat pump without effecting its warranty, running or efficiency. All safety badges and stickers will either be cut around, or taken off and reapplied on-top of the vinyl wrap. The grill on the front of your air source heat pump will not be wrapped or covered, nor will the grill or fan on the back or sides. Any brackets, mounting systems, piping, trunking or safety elements on your unit will not be covered.

What service do you offer for air source heat pump wrapping?

Our service is ideal for those who do not have an air source heat pump yet fitted, so the unit can easily be delivered to us at Creative Solutions before making its final journey to your home or business. We can offer post-installation vinyl wrapping, but this is not ideal. Uncontrollable external factors such as dirt, debris, dust, weather, temperature and daylight can effect the quality of installation and product longevity. We would also need to factor in travel requirements, making it much safer (and cheaper) to pre-wrap your air source heat pump unit.

We offer a free, no-obligation quotation service. We work on production ready quotes to give you all the costs upfront - we do not give ball-park figures to ensure open communication, and a set price for the work needed. Once you have approved the quotation for services, your air source heat pump wrapping service will be carried out by Creative Solutions in our specialist wrapping area and you will have access to our team of professionals who will guide you through the entire process. Your unit will then be delivered to your home, ready for your suppliers installation service.

How do I hide my air source heat pump?

Most internal units can be hidden within a cupboard or utility room. Outside units however can stand out like a sore thumb in their factory fit white finish. You could purchase a specific air source heat pump cover that still allows full functionality for your unit, or, why not get your unit wrapped! Make your ASHP unit sleek yet hidden with a dark, matt finish colour-change vinyl wrap, or opt for a custom printed vinyl wrap to help it blend into a wall, hedge, fence or garden ornament.

Will a vinyl wrap damage my air source heat pump? Can it be removed?

Vinyl wraps are actually a perfect way to protect your investment. They offer an additional barrier against dirt, bad weather, scuffs and scrapes, as well as raw metal edges that may rust or chip over time. Our wrapping vinyl is UV-resistant for ultimate outdoor protection all year round and offers brilliant colour vibrancy when printed. It has an expected durability of up to 8 years outdoors.

Vinyl wraps can easily be removed and should not leave a great deal of residue for you to clean afterwards. A little heat (heat gun or hair dryer) and patience is required - we would not give such a long life expectancy if they came off easily! The surface of your unit can then be cleaned with a soft damp cloth and some soap if any adhesive residue remains.

Can you wrap my unit already installed at my home?

We can of course discuss at home installation with you, however we want to be upfront and honest about this service and manage any expectations. We can offer post-installation vinyl wrapping, but this is not ideal due to uncontrollable factors such as dirt, debris, dust, weather, wind, temperature and daylight pending on the time of year. For example the brick-work wall printed ASHP wrap in our pictures was for a client in Dartmoor, installed in-situ, but the parameters we needed to work under were not ideal.

We are based in Axminster, so anywhere outside of the Devon, Dorset or Somerset counties will incur additional travel fees, time and manpower will be put into your service quotation. If you are reading this from outside of these three counties, we would recommend seeing if their is a vinyl wrapping specialist situated closer to you to save some pennies, but we are willing to assist if you do inquire!

Can I wrap my air source heat pump myself?

There is nothing to say you can't, but we would heartily recommend an experienced hand if you are looking for a warranty and not to waste money if you unfortunately make an error. Vinyl film is a fickle material and does require some specialist tools. A trained hand will know the materials stretch rate and how, when, and where, to apply heat to get it to conform to the complex shape and metal castings of an air source heat pump shell.

Other factors to take into consideration are the same as above in 'Can you wrap my unit already installed at my home?' - Dirt, debris, dust, weather, wind, temperature and daylight  will all have an effect on the integrity of the vinyl, and how long it will last once applied.

I want a custom printed air source heat pump wrap, what do I need to do for this?

If you are looking to have your air source heat pump unit match a nearby wall, fence, or the side of your home, it is important to take a good quality photograph and to send it through to us if you are matching the background of your unit. Also, consider the time of day and weather conditions; whether it is wet or dry. Sunny or cloudy can also have an impact on the photograph so consider what you require. We print onto a white vinyl, so the finished print may not be an exact match, but as close to as possible! We will prepare a sample from your photograph in the form of a digital proofing sheet and send back to you for approval. The photograph should be a high-definition 300ppi (pixels per inch). If taking a suitable photograph is challenging then many high definition images can be found on websites such as Shutterstock for you to download and send to us.

You can send your imagery in an email if the size is smaller that 25MB to, via WeTransfer, or use our Artwork Uploader.

What vinyl is used for air source heat pump wrapping?

We use the best on the market, state-of-the-art vinyl technology from accredited and renowned supplier, 3M. Their latest vinyl film has been engineered to allow better fit around corners, curves and channels for a sleek appearance and easier installation. This vinyl is used for vehicle graphics, boats, aircraft, vehicle wrapping, buildings and most metal appliances. It is UV-resistant, water and weatherproof and allows for heat change in the environment. This new, highly conformable solution has an incredible expected lifespan, and will be discussed with you during quotation.

This film is available in a large range of standard Gloss, Satin, Colour Flip (changes colour in daylight), Chrome and Matte finishes. The most popular we have found is the Matte Black, Matte Dark Grey and Satin Battleship Grey.

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Why choose Creative Solutions?

We are specialists in large format print solutions as you can see from our extensive website offering. We offer a customised service to vinyl wrap heat pumps to ensure your unit is as discrete as possible, and blends into its surroundings so any aesthetic disturbance is minimised.  During the planning submission process you will need to go through to have a heat pump installed, efforts to minimise the visual impact of ASHPs is always appreciated, especially if in an open community space, or area in-keeping with traditional/historical architecture or aesthetics.

Most clients will choose a darker, satin or matt finish vinyl in dark grey or black, but your vinyl can also be custom printed to look like a hedge, open landscape, brick or stone wall, wherever your air source heat pump has been installed.

Large Controlled Installation Area For All Client Projects & Quality Control

Our Working Area

Dust-free, heat controlled and well lit, with a large roller door perfect for units delivered on a pallet! We can control all elements of the print and application process for a flawless finish, every time.

Over 30 years combined experience in Vinyl wrapping and application


You name it, we've applied graphics or vinyl wraps to it! We have many years of combined experience within our team, and are highly trained in the latest 3M Envision Films & Vinyl's we now use for most projects.

Quality Control & Continuous Improvement


From your first point of contact, to the high-performance vinyl's we supply and work with, you can be sure that your trust, time, and air source heat pump unit is in the best hands. Quality is the name of the game!

Excellent Customer Service & After Care


We are proud to be ranked 'Excellent' on Trustpilot for our brilliant Customer Care and product range! We aim to set the bar for what Customer Service should be.

Based in Axminster, 
Covering the South West

Near the stunning Jurassic Coast and a stone-throw away from Exeter, Creative Solutions is well placed to service the large surrounding area of Dorset, Devon and Somerset. We carry out most of our air source heat pump wrapping installations here at HQ, but are happy to discuss travel with you if required.

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What is the process to getting my air source heat pump wrapped?

The Creative Solutions Air Source Heat Pump Wrapping Order Process

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My order was something quite simple. Yet the service I received, was I felt. just as if I had put in a huge order. Professorial, helpful, quick. I was kept informed throughout the process and had a follow up to make sure I was happy with the product and service.

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Excellent service from start to finish. Professional, quality end product. Would definitely recommend & use again.

Janet, Trustpilot

The team at Creative Solutions were great from start to end. Their communication was quick and professional. The products have exceeded expectations and exactly to spec.

Serena, Trustpilot

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