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PVC Foam Board

PVC Foam Board

Full Colour Printed PVC Foam Board. We have varying levels of board quality on different media, depending on how long you need your signage to last.


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Printed FOREX® Print PVC Board

Prices from (excluding VAT) £25.00

  • Indoor & Outdoor Usage
  • Custom Cut Sizes & Shapes
  • Range of Thicknesses
  • Lightweight and Durable
Thanks for all your work with our office wallpaper - it looks amazing - our clients love it!
Brandon Lennon - 4 years ago
5 star 3763 Reviews

Printed FOREX® Classic PVC Board

Prices from (excluding VAT) £13.20

  • Premium Grade PVC Board
  • Indoor & Outdoor Usage
  • Custom Cut Sizes & Shapes
  • Range of Thicknesses

Printed FOAM-X® Foam Board

Prices from (excluding VAT) £25.00

  • Retail Pos Displays
  • Exhibition Graphics
  • Range of Thicknesses
  • Lightweight and Durable


At Creative Solutions, we produce a high quality print that is mounted onto PVC boards. We have varying levels of board quality on different media, depending on how long you need you r signage to last. Printed PVC board can have a guarantee of up to 5-7 years.

We pride ourselves on giving you the highest quality products at the best possible prices. We provide long lasting signs that will give you an excellent service for years to come.


Our budget PVC boards still have the best quality print applied. The only difference is that we use a 3 - 5 year vinyl with a similar laminate. These Printed boards are perfect for internal display signs, or for external signs that only have a lifespan of a few years.

At Creative Solutions, we believe that these will last much longer than these timescales. We have installed signage like this that is still going strong after 7 years!

PVC has been a staple sign product for years. We now see this as a better solution for exhibition graphics that are needed to be perfectly rigid but still light enough to be held up with Velcro. 


If you require the best flexible, PVC signage solutions then look no further than our premium PVC board. We only use the branded Foamalux or Forex products if that is what you require. These sign PVC boards are manufactured to a far higher degree giving you a better quality sign. We couple this with our premium 7 year print media and laminate meaning your sign display board will last for the longest possible time outdoors.


What makes the PVC budget? You may thinks that budget means cheap. The only difference between budget and premium PVC printed signage is the way in which the PVC board is compressed. This higher density of the PVC boards increases the durability, especially when under pressure. The more budget PVC can easily leave fingernail marks or denting if overly mistreated. Please ensure that you take this into consideration when choosing the correct PVC signage or display product to suit your needs. 

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