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With options available to suit any space, function or budget, our range of whiteboards features both magnetic and non-magnetic backing board options, as well as, wall-mounted and freestanding solutions.

What you need to know about our custom printed whiteboards

Full Colour Vinyl Print

Printed in stunning 900dpi photographic quality, you can upload any design for us to print onto high-quality, full colour vinyl.

Ideal for Office and Schools

Work with our sales and design team to create bespoke whiteboard solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Range of Framing Options

Depending on how much space you have available, you may opt to choose one of our low-profile frameless whiteboard options. 

Standard or Premium Finish

All of our custom printed boards come with a minimum 5-year guaranteed laminate, with a premium 7-year finish also available.

Lean Manufacturing Solutions

Installing custom designed formats can greatly support your company in measuring  specific performance based metrics.

Customisable Templates

Need something simple, yet specific? Our range includes a number of customisable pre-designed layouts that are ready for print. 

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What you need to know about our magnetic whiteboards

Resistant to Ghosting

Designed with an easy to clean surface, our whiteboards are highly resistant to ghosting and come with a 5-year surface guarantee. 

Custom Sizing

Ideal for fitting into specific spaces, our standard magnetic frame can be cut into any size to create a custom sized whiteboard.

Standard or Premium Finish

Whilst all of our whiteboards come with a smooth quality-assured surface, we also have premium options to fit all budget types.

Magnetic Dry-Wipe Face

Perfect for use with our dry-wipe presentation pens and large range of magnetic accessories. 

Ready-Designed Layouts

Designed with everyday use in mind, our range includes pre-designed maps and perpetual planner layouts.

Projector Compatible

Featuring a premium vitreous enamel surface with low glare properties, some  boards can be used as a projector backdrop. 

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What you need to know about our non-magnetic whiteboards

Wall Mounted Whiteboard

Available in both standard and custom sizes, our wall mounted non-magnetic whiteboards are perfect for optimising small spaces. 

Range of Uses

Commonly used in schools and offices, our dry-wipe whiteboards are ideal for jotting down ideas or brainstorming as a team. 

Plain or Printed Design

Many of our non-magnetic whiteboard are available with the choice of a plain surface, pre-printed design or custom printing. 

High-Quality Melamine Surface 

With a smooth and easy to clean surface, we use a high-quality melamine to ensure the longevity of your whiteboards.

Range of Frame Options

For a sleek and professional look, why not create a seamless whiteboard wall with out low profile frameless design options.

Complete with Screw Fixings

All of our non-magnetic whiteboards are supplied with all the fittings needed to hang your new frame. 

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What you need to know about our mobile whiteboards

Easy to Move and Store

Perfect for venues that have multiple purposes, these whiteboards can be easily stored away and moved between rooms. 

Adjustable Screen Angle

Many of our mobile whiteboards also feature adjustable screens to make it easier for you to write and display your message.

Double Sided Dry-Wipe Surface

Optimise your whiteboard space by using both sides simultaneously. Perfect for brainstorming ideas and comparing notes. 

Range of Uses

Perfect for use in schools, community groups, offices and foyers, we have mobile solutions suitable for any environment.

Available with Custom Printing

Two surfaces means twice as much opportunity to personalise your whiteboard design to your needs. 

Lockable Castors and Wheels

Our mobile frames are incredibly durable and include many safety features such as lockable castors for additional peace of mind.

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What you need to know about our cheap whiteboards

Magnetic or Non-Magnetic

A small budget doesn't have to mean you have to compromised on the choice between a magnetic and non-magnetic whiteboard. 

Ultra-Smooth Dry-Wipe Surface

Featuring an ultra-smooth surface, our budget dry-wipe whiteboard are both durable and easy to clean. 

Range of Sizes

Available in a wide range of our standard sizes, you can still find a solution to suit any space with our budget whiteboards.

Low Budget Whiteboards

With options suitable for all budgets, these cheaper frames are ideal for businesses just starting out or for companies buying in bulk.

Durable Aluminium Frame

Made from high-quality aluminium, our budget whiteboard frames are long lasting to help you make the most out of your money.

Complete with Screw Fixings 

All frames are supplied with screw fixings for wall mounting  to ensure you face never face hidden costs. 

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What you need to know about our whiteboard accessories

Anti-Ghosting Cleaning 

Ensure the longevity of your whiteboard by using proper cleaning products to protect its smooth, ghost-resistant surface. 

Start with the Right Equipment

Avoid the disappointment of being unable to use your new whiteboard once it arrives by making sure you're equipped from the start

Ensure You're Stocked Up

Avoid the frantic pre-presentation pen hunt by ensuring you're well stocked with pens, wet wipes, and eraser spray.

Range of Whiteboard Magnets

Make sure to optimise the use of your magnetic whiteboard by checking our our large range of magnetic accessories.

Vibrant Whiteboard Pens

Create eye-catching presentations with our vibrant whiteboard pens, available in a range of colours. 

The Perfect Add On

Increase the uses of your new dry-wipe whiteboard by exploring our full range of accessories. 

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