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Pavement Signs With Permanent Graphics

Permanent Graphic Pavement Signs

Pavement Signs with a durable long-term display such as printed aluminium panels, and self-adhesive vinyl applications. Ideal for business awareness and advertisement.

What you need to know about our permanent pavement signs

Range of Designs

Available in a range of sizes and designs, including a-boards, swing boards and roadside promoters. 

Long Lasting Display

Our full colour graphics are printed using 5-year matt laminate vinyl onto our durable aluminium panels for a  hard wearing display. 

Weatherproof Design

Guarantee excellent stability and weather resistance with our heavy duty rugged bases - making your sign windproof up to 70mph. 

Tactical Headers

Achieve maximum visibility with our clip on tactical headers, available in our Swinger Panel range.

Replacement Panels

Update your pavement sign graphics as required with our replacement panels, available separately. 

Roadside Promoters

Explore our range of roadside promoters - perfect for advertising events and road-side businesses. 



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31 products found
Best Seller

Economy A-Board

Prices from (excluding VAT) £28.30

  • A1 Or A2 Display Size
  • Self-Adhesive Vinyl Graphic
  • Single or Double-Sided Display
  • Built-In Carry Handle

Finesse A-Board

Prices from (excluding VAT) £63.95

  • Double-Sided Self-Adhesive Display
  • Tubular Steel Frame
  • Smooth Rounded Design
  • Professionally Powder Coated 

Budget A-Board

Prices from (excluding VAT) £38.65

  • Easy To Use & Cost-Effective
  • Great For Events & Pop-Up Spaces
  • Double-Sided Self-Adhesive Displays
  • Lightweight High Impact Polystyrene
Very friendly and helpful staff and an excellent job done on our motorhome. They replaced a section of vinyl which had cracked and shrunk and the result is as good as new, actually probably better than new as they use superior vinyl compared to the motorhome manufacturer! Many...
Stuart Browne - 2 years ago
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Quiksign A-Board

Prices from (excluding VAT) £109.00

  • Printed Correx Board Inserts
  • Folds Flat For Storage
  • Low-Cost Solution
  • Double-Sided Display

Waterbase A-Board

Prices from (excluding VAT) £53.65

  • Highly Portable
  • Water Fillable Base
  • Great For Safety Signage
  • Robust Curved Design

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Swinger 2 Panel Pavement Sign

Prices from (excluding VAT) £72.80

  • Full Colour Printed Panel
  • Rugged PVC Base
  • Powder Coated Frame
  • No Tools Required

Swinger 3000 Panel Pavement Sign

Prices from (excluding VAT) £142.50

  • Powder Coated Round Frame
  • Water-Fillable PVC Base
  • Wheels For Easy Moving
  • Popular Large Display
Whiteboards look fantastic.
Leigh Robson - 6 years ago
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Swinger 4000 Panel Pavement Sign

Prices from (excluding VAT) £158.50

  • Largest Swing Sign Panel
  • Water-Fillable PVC Base
  • Wheeled Base For Easy Deployment
  • Sturdy Rounded Aluminium Frame

Eco Swinger Panel Pavement Sign

Prices from (excluding VAT) £55.30

  • A3 Size Printed Display Panel
  • Double-Sided Display
  • Rugged PVC Base
  • No Tools Required

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Foldamatic Top Swinger Pavement Sign

Prices from (excluding VAT) £72.80

  • Spring Loaded Foldable Frame
  • Powder Coated Frame
  • Lightweight Tubular Frame
  • Double-Sided Printed Panel

Swinger 2 Tactical Header

Prices from (excluding VAT) £36.80

  • Fits The Swinger 2
  • Additional Advertising
  • Custom Shapes Available
  • Includes Fixing Clips

Swinger 3000 Tactical Header

Prices from (excluding VAT) £41.45

  • Fits The Swinger 3000
  • Additional Header Panel
  • Includes Fixing Clips
  • Double Sided Print

Swinger 4000 Tactical Header

Prices from (excluding VAT) £43.40

  • Fits The Swinger 4000
  • Double-Sided Print
  • Includes Fixing Clips
  • Great For Logo Or Arrow

Eco Swinger Tactical Header

Prices from (excluding VAT) £35.40

  • Fits The Eco-Swinger
  • Easy Additional Advertising
  • Fixing Clips Included
  • Strong Rigid PVC Panel

Replacement Swing Sign Aluminium Panels

Prices from (excluding VAT) £73.10

  • Replacement Aluminium Panels For Swing Signs
  • Double Sided High-Resolution Print
  • Easy To Change & Update
  • Long-Lasting External Usage

Ecoflexlite Pavement Sign

Prices from (excluding VAT) £34.30

  • 410 x 763mm Display Area
  • Budget-Friendly Option
  • Recycled PVC Base
  • Windproof Up To 70mph

Ecoflex 2 Pavement Sign

Prices from (excluding VAT) £46.10

  • 460 x 818mm Display Area
  • Market Leading Panel Sign
  • Windproof Up To 70mph
  • Unique Patented Wedge Base

Ecoflextra Pavement Sign

Prices from (excluding VAT) £60.15

  • 540 x 917mm Display Area
  • High Impact Display
  • Wind Resistant To 70mph!
  • 30% Larger Than Ecoflex 2

Ecoflex 2 Totem Pavement Sign

Prices from (excluding VAT) £59.15

  • Extra Tall Panel Sign
  • Recycled PVC Weighted Base
  • 2 Sizes Available
  • Great For Getting Noticed!

Waterbase Pyramid

Prices from (excluding VAT) £53.65

  • Over 1-Meter Tall Directional Sign
  • 330 x 385mm Display Area
  • Quick & Easy Push-Fit Assembly
  • Water Fillable Durable Base

Sentinel Tactical Header

Prices from (excluding VAT) £40.15

  • For The Sentinel Forecourt Sign
  • 4 Sizes Available
  • Fixing Clips Included
  • Custom Double-Sided Print

Sightmaster 3 Tactical Header

Prices from (excluding VAT) £39.80

  • For The Sightmaster 3 Forecourt Sign
  • Rigid PVC Double-Sided Print
  • Fixing Clips Included
  • Great For Extra Advertisement

Replacement Forecourt Sign Panels

Prices from (excluding VAT) £37.20

  • Suitable For EcoFlex Forecourt Range
  • Rounded Corners For Public Safety
  • All Model Sizes Available
  • Double-Sided Full-Colour Printing

Spring Sign Tactical Header

Prices from (excluding VAT) £39.80

  • For The Spring Sign Forecourt Sign
  • Rigid PVC Double-Sided Print
  • Fixing Clips Included
  • Great For Additional Advertisement

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