Literature Racks

Great range of literature racks to fit your Exhibition Stand or Point of Sale needs

A well-designed literature dispenser is attractive but unobtrusive; its job is to display your brochures, leaflets or flyers to their best advantage. Our range of literature dispensers is popular with exhibitors, retailers, corporates, small businesses, schools and colleges. 

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Types of Literature Rack

Folding or Collapsible Literature Racks

For exhibitors literature dispensers need to be collapsible, they need to fold up and pack neatly into a carry case or bag for easy transportation, and easy set up. Our folding literature racks do just that. The range also includes literature racks which have a table top feature. 

Static Brochure Dispensers

Our range of static brochure dispensers are designed for use in a more permanent environment. We supply contemporary designed stands that really make the dispenser a focal point in reception areas.

Made in a variety of sizes to take literature of different sizes. We offer these made in wood and metal to suit the decor of the area that you will look to use the stand.

Literature Shelving Units

These literature shelving units come with clear acrylic shelves and a sleek aluminium frame; they can be free standing or wall mounted, and create a really impressive display.

Other Portable Literature Racks

Here we have a series of post bound literature stands. You can choose from post with a single A4 brochure holder, or a seven-tiered holder, or a wire framed, rotating twenty-one pocket holder. 

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