Protection Screen and Prevention Systems Coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission

  • Desk or counter standing protective screen
  • T-feet for sturdy mounting on desk
  • Adjustable Height Postion
  • 2 widths 680mm, 1050mm
  • Easy wipe clean unit ensures screen can be sanitised - printed or unprinted
  • Two screen sizes available to accommodate different counter options
  • Screens flat pack for ease of shipment and storage

  • Protective Sneeze Guard Acrylic Screen
  • Flat Pack for easy assembly
  • 3mm or 5mm Clear Acrylic
  • Protective Social Distancing Screen Divider
  • Flat Pack for easy assembly, 690 x 2000mm (w x h)
  • 6mm Clear Acrylic or Fluted Poly-carbonate
  • Free Standing

  • Protective Sneeze Guard Acrylic Screen
  • Foldable aluminium framework
  • Clear Acrylic side wings for added protection
  • Floor standing protective screen
  • Optional Castors to make it mobile
  • 1800mm high framework
  • 2 sizes 900 x 1200 and 1200 x 1200

  • Desk or counter standing protective screen
  • T-feet for sturdy mounting on desk
  • 650mm high, 3 acrylic thicknesess
  • 4 widths 400mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm
  • Desk or counter standing protective screen with side protection wings
  • T-feet for sturdy mounting on desk
  • 650mm high, 2 acrylic thicknesess
  • 4 widths 400mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm

At Creative Solutions we have used our knowledge of the display industry to come up with various forms of protective screens and prevention systems to help decrease the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) via sneezing or coughing.

These are cost effective ways to be able to quickly create barriers and screens that allow face to face contact to still occur safely to allow us to return as close to normality as possible.

These protective screens can be used in various environments such as Retail Protection screens for staff and customers, manufacturing protection in between employees, office protection screeens between desks from a sneeze or cough.

All our products are made to keep social interaction as normal as possible, but adding a layer of protection. To aid this, we are aiming to make all of our preventitive products out of clear materials such as Plexiglass or clear acrylics that are easily cleanable and repllant to all cleaning products so they will not deteriorate.

We have produced as small selection of off the shelf protective screens and ready made prevention systems 

Why do I need a Protective Screen?

The recent shutdown of retail premises, public meeting areas and non-essential shops has brrn the givenments response the the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In the next few weeks and months as we move out of the shutdown phase, people will need to visit shops, libraries, petrol statons and a whole range of retail and office environments to meet face to face.

With this in mind, Creative Solutions have put together a range of sapce saving perspex / acrylic screens that are designed for businesses to protect their staff, and act as an effective barier (in an unobtusive way as possible) between the customer and staff. This will help to protect the both the consumer and staff member from any airbourne droplets. The screen is to be used in conjunction with the govenment advice on hand washing and sanitising.

We have listed below the main uses for the acrylic protective screens.  

Why do I want an acrylic Perspex Protective Screen?

There are a variety or reasons that we choose to make our protective screens from acrylic or perspex.


Acrylic is a lightweight material that comes in a variety of thicknesses, so it can be upgraded in thickness if the preventitive situation requires a larger protective screen, but needs to stay rigid. Easy for to be moved or cleaned

Optically Clear

Acryilc is completely clear, making the protective screens as unobtrusive as possible is crucial so customers still get the personal feeling when dealing with you during these times.

Easy to clean

The protective screens are very easy to clean with alcohol based cleaners, or those recommended by the government without affecting the acrylic.


The protective screens are completely customisiable to your requirements, these can made to order, we have the in-house facility to rout these to any shape to suit your companies requirenment for their protective screens.

Where do I want an acrylic Perspex Protective Screen?

Places where our acrylic protective screens are used

Retail Protective Screens

Samll shops need protection as much as the large supermarkets. Our Retail protective screens are an affordable way for shop keepers to have the same level of protection they deserve.

Trade Counter Protective Screens

Trade counter protection screens are needed to protect a variety of staff members as there are multiple people using certain areas. Each of our protective screens could be used by individual memebers of staff in accordance with distancing measures.

Reception Protective Screens

The first point of contact in most compaines is the reception desk, so it is vital that they are protected with a screen too. Our acrylic screens will give your receptionist the protection that they need..

Desk Protective Screens

Many offices are now open plan, with this in mind, our protective acrylic screens coupled with social distancing measures, can now be used to allow the office to still operate as close to normality as possible.

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