Custom Printed Whiteboard

Let's Pick the Perfect Custom Printed Whiteboard

Using only the best dry-wipe laminates, our custom printed whiteboards are perfect for the workplace, educational environments or at home. We can print any design onto our wide range of whiteboards and have a choice of laminated finishes to suit your printed whiteboard budget.

Let's Pick the Perfect
Custom Printed Magnetic Whiteboard

Totally bespoke and printed in stunning full colour vinyl, our custom printed whiteboards have been used globally, including within the NHS. Simply upload your design at check out or get one of our in-house designers to do the work for you. Pair your board with our vibrant presentation pens and colourful magnets for maximum versatility.

Let's Pick the Perfect
Custom Printed Non-Magnetic Whiteboard

With our custom printed whiteboards the possibilities are endless. Ideal for use in offices, schools, manufacturing and at home, our non-magnetic whiteboards can be printed with any design and comes with a choice of dry wipe laminate finishes suitable for any budget.

Let's Pick the Perfect
Custom Printed Frameless Whiteboard

With a low profile and smooth frameless edges, our custom printed frameless whiteboards come with a choice of a magnetic or
non-magnetic backing board. Their sleek design makes them a particularly popular choice for use in offices and lean manufacturing as several boards can be fitted together to sit flush side by side. 

How we can help your business

How do I order a Custom Printed Whiteboard?

We've tried to make the ordering process as easy as possible, so you can get your own fully customised whiteboard just the way you want it. Any size. Any design. Only the best quality.

All you need to do is:

  1. Choose what size and style board you require
  2. Select your quantity and enjoy our superb volume discounts
  3. Order your product online
  4. Send in your artwork for the board (or work with our design team to create a bespoke design. Additional charges apply)
  5. Receive your digital proof of how your board will look
  6. We'll print and deliver your custom printed board to your doorstep!

We have a range of magnetic or non-magnetic whiteboards, some with pre-set templates or our bespoke whiteboards with your own print. Custom Printed Whiteboards are perfect for the workplace, educational environments or at home. We can print any design you can think of on to your whiteboard, whether it be a planning calendar, a school board or a road map.

Our custom print whiteboards only use the best drywipe material available. We can print any design onto our whiteboards and have a choice of laminated finishes to suit your printed whiteboard budget.

We have a standard and premium (5 year guarantee) printed drywipe finish, available on either magnetic whiteboards or non magnetic whiteboards. Please choose from the links below or call our sales team on 01297 630 130 for more information on bespoke custom printed whiteboards.

Need a custom sized whiteboard? Not a problem, simply choose your preferred design and input the measurements required. 

Uses for Our Custom Printed Whiteboard

Our printed whiteboards are used in a huge variety of industries. They are useful for hospitals, schools, offices, staff rooms and even at home.

Customers we supply to include:

  • The health sector and NHS Hospitals across the UK
  • Educational establishments
  • Corporate organisations 
  • Veterinary Surgery
  • Sports teams & Leisure Centres 
  • General office boards

Our custom printed whiteboards can be used for literally anything. Common uses include health & safety boards, process control boards, target boards, sales boards, general organisation boards, just about anything! You imagine it, we can put your design onto our boards. 

Custom Printed Whiteboard Quality - We guarantee it!

We know we have the best custom printed whiteboards available as we have been through rigorous testing procedures and many failures before coming upon a product that will work for your custom printed whiteboard. We back up this claim with a 5 year guarantee that most providers of printed whiteboards will not be able to give. After years of research our custom printed whiteboards are the best money can buy. We have tested pretty much every product available.

The Story of Our Research into Custom Printed Whiteboards For the Royal Devon and Exeter Wonford Hospital

Due to being a digital printer, we have a choice of many products that suppliers label as drywipe properties for whiteboards! When we were searching for the perfect dry-wipe product we probably tested over 100 materials until we found one that was right for our custom printed whiteboards.

We had a job for The Royal Devon and Exeter Wonford Hospital, that required 47 printed whiteboards of various sizes, most being 1800 x 1200mm. We thought we had a good product that we were selling them and the first time we tested around 10 pens that did not leave a mark on the custom printed whiteboard. We went on and produced the bespoke printed whiteboards to the designs, all individually tailored to each hospital ward. These designs for the whiteboards were done by ourselves in house to keep the costs of creating the bespoke whiteboards as low as possible.

The problem that we faced was all the pens that we supply work superbly well on (the now standard) custom printed whiteboards! Because nurses are allowed to bring in their own drywipe pens, there is no control over where they are purchased, and some drywipe pens, especially cheap, red drywipe pens, can be of very low quality and will mark pretty much any drywipe surface.

This problem with the drywipe pens meant that we had to find a new product for our custom printed whiteboards that would work for the NHS. We now use this first laminate as our standard printed whiteboard surface finish because it works with the Drywipe pens we supply.

We went back to the drawing board and brought in as many types of drywipe pens and drwipe products for our custom printed whiteboards as possible. then the drawing began.

We found a laminate that worked with every single pen we threw at it. We produced a sample custom printed whiteboard for the busiest ward at Wonford Hospital and asked the nurses to write on the whiteboard whenever they passed it. We left this sample whiteboard in place for 4 weeks to make sure that it worked. When we returned to check the sample there was not a mark on the bespoke printed whiteboard.

We reprinted the whole print run and laid new custom prints onto the whiteboards and they have now been in situ for 4 years and we have produced many more as new wards are opened

We have found the best quality product for custom printed whiteboards and you will not be disappointed should you choose our premium custom printed whiteboard.

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