Non-Magnetic Whiteboards

Our melamine non-magnetic whiteboards are perfectly suited for the office or at home

If you are looking to use your whiteboard just for writing on then a non-magnetic whiteboard is the best choice for you. We stock a huge range of non magnetic whiteboards with some superb quantity discounts available!

We supply non-magnetic whiteboards in a range of shapes and sizes. From custom printed whiteboards to mobile whiteboards, the chances are we have a whiteboard to fit your requirements. Several of our dry wipe boards are available in customised sizes, just contact us to find out more.

If you have any questions on our whiteboards or just want to find out more, please call 01297 630 130 and speak to our sales team or click here for further written information

  • Design your own printed whiteboard
  • Premium full colour print
  • Ultra-smooth surface
  • Standard or premium laminate 
  • Incredible value
  • Range of sizes
  • Ultra smooth surface to reduce ghosting

  • Handheld custom printed
  • Design your own whiteboard
  • Ideal for classroom/office
  • Packs of 10
  • Folding whiteboard with 3 or 5 faces
  • 3 times area of standard boards
  • Mounts on wall

  • Handheld custom printed
  • Design your own whiteboard
  • Ideal for classroom/office
  • Packs of 10
  • Smart frameless design
  • Create continuous whiteboard wall with boards sitting flush together. 
  • Contemporary appearance

  • Frameless whiteboard with coloured edge
  • Contemporary appearance
  • 2mm ABS edge
  • Can be mounted flush together
  • Design your own whiteboard
  • Full colour printing
  • Low-profile
  • Non-magnetic ultra smooth surface

  • Join together multiple designs.
  • Cover any size wall surface.
  • Low-profile 2mm ABS edge.
  • High-quality full colour custom print.
  • Non-magnetic double-side whiteboard
  • Ultra-smooth surface
  • 5-year warranty

  • Non-magnetic mobile whiteboard
  • 2-year manufacturers warranty
  • Rotates on horizontal axis
  • Constructed largely from recycled materials
  • Made in the UK
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty

  • Non magnetic mobile whiteboard
  • 2 year warranty
  • Rotates on horizontal axis
  • Combination felt/dry wipe whiteboard
  • 21mm aluminium frame
  • Choice of 5 felt colours

  • Popular non-mag whiteboard
  • Gridded surface one side, plain surface the other
  • Rotates both ways

Why Non-Magnetic Whiteboards?

Non-magnetic whiteboards are much cheaper than magnetic whiteboards. This is mainly down to the way in which a non-magnetic whiteboard is constructed. They are a melamine surface on chipboard which creates the dry-wipe face. We always use a high standard of melamine to ensure that your whiteboards will give you years of service.

Non-magnetic whiteboards are perfect for meetings, note taking and brainstorming. Basically any function where you need to quickly be able to jot information down to not forget it! 

Bear in mind that you will not be able to stick notes to the surface of the non-magnetic whiteboard with magnets! If you use other means such as sticky tape or blue tack, then this can leave residue on your whiteboard which may affect your ease of writing. If this is left on then the surface may deteriorate. However, you can use these ways of fixing notes and messages as long as the whiteboard is fully cleaned afterwards. Use a decent cleaning solution to make sure that your whiteboard has all foreign bodies removed to allow it to work perfectly again. 

Caring for your Non-Magnetic Whiteboard

Because of the quality of your whiteboard surface, we do offer guarantees with certain boards. They should be easily wipeable with a dry cloth or whiteboard eraser. You can purchase the ones that we recommend in our whiteboard accessories section.

We recommend that you take care of your whiteboard regularly and clean it with a cloth and surface cleaner every now and again to make sure that your whiteboard stays in excellent condition. We have a Whiteboard Starter Kit that will keep your whiteboard in tip-top conditon.

Non-Magnetic Whiteboard Best Selling Sizes 

From the above sizes of non-magnetic whiteboards, we find that the best sellers are the 900 x 600, 1200 x 900 and the 1800 x 1200.

900 x 600 whiteboards tend to be most popular with use in domestic situations.

1200 x 900 whiteboards are use in most offices for meetings and target setting.

1800 x 1200 whiteboards are most common in many educational situations. Classroom whiteboards, school whiteboards and university whiteboards to name a few.

Most Popular Locations for Non-Magnetic Whiteboards

Kitchen Whiteboards

Most domestic whiteboard use occurs in the kitchen. Kitchen whiteboards area great idea and are most commonly bought in 450 x 600mm (A2) or 900 x 600mm (A1) as they offer a large amount of writing space around where you need to keep notices. These are perfect for the kitchen for writing shopping lists, leaving reminders for children, or just general notes that you do not want to forget. 

Office Whiteboards

Whiteboards are a necessity in the office. Whiteboards are used in all meetings to keep notes, minutes or any other information that otherwise may be forgotten. Office Whiteboards are bought in all of our popular sizes, if you are looking for something custom then we can create a whiteboard to meet you needs. We can even adhere dry-wipe print straight onto your office wall or desk!

Classroom Whiteboards

As we all know, every school has many whiteboards. classroom whiteboards are usually larger in size and the mist common whiteboard sizes are 1800x 1200mm and 2400mm x 1200mm. IT is a regular occurrence in classrooms where two whiteboards are used next to each other. This allows a teacher to use one whiteboard either interactively, with a projector or computer and the other whiteboard to write up student comments.

University Whiteboards

Whiteboards are seen by universities as essential in many lectures or seminars. With an explosion of ideas from students, a lecturer will have to note down many opinions and a whiteboard is the perfect place to do this. These are used in a similar way to the classroom whiteboards and the same sizes, 1800 x 1200 and 2400 x 1200 are the most popular whiteboard sizes.

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