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Let's Pick the Perfect Flag

Often seen at the likes of Glastonbury Festival, or outside your high street shops, flags offer a unique marketing opportunity for you. From backpack size to 5 meter tall crowd-stoppers! Bases can also be purchased to keep it from flying away.

Let's Pick the Perfect

Feather Flag

Feather Flags as the name suggests like to float in the breeze, offering an eye-drawing display. Attached to  a flexible pole and a sturdy base, these floaty flags can be used at events, festivals, outside stores and shops and even at your home.

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Let's Pick the Perfect

Portable Flag

Waving flags at a parade or carrying it with you during a demonstration. Check out our range of fully portable flags. Now in! Our 5 meter flag offers a truly show-stopping view.

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Let's Pick the Perfect Flag Accessories and Bases

With options suitable for all terrains and locations, make safety a priority by choosing a flat base that allows you to promote your business no matter the weather. Here to support your flag purchase, we offer a range of accessories from Wall Mounts to Flag Bases.

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Our flags can be produced to any design that you require. We can print flags in house to your needs. We offer a fantastic range of custom printed flags perfect for exhibition displays, events, and displays. Easy to use and transport, our flags are provided with a carry case as standard with a range of base options depending on where you'll be using them. 

Custom flags are a great way of promoting your company with your business logo or branding standing out from the crowd.


We supply a huge range of outdoor flags, from applique flags to full colour printed flags. 

Flags are an excellent advertising tool to attract people from distance and guide them to your services and products. We supply all the accessories that go with flags, such as rope, toggles, flagpoles and flag installation services.

Our most popular flags are our feather flags. These flags are digitally printed onto a mesh polyester that is UV resistant and waterproof. They are very lightweight and easy to erect, and have a choice of flag bases depending n which surface your a putting the flag.

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