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Anti-Slip Floor Stickers

Anti-Slip Floor Stickers

Full-colour, high-resolution printed floor signage stickers for all businesses to help customers and visitors find their way around, or follow specific routes. These are made from a specifically graded floor vinyl with a slip rating for different applications.

What you need to know about our anti-slip floor stickers

Indoor or Outdoor

With a range of different adhesives available, our stickers are suitable for application to wood, carpet, tile and concrete surfaces.

Build Your Own Sticker

Perfect for those who know what they want but don't have time to create it; our stickers are ideal for bespoke one way systems.

Anti-Slip Surface

Available in a choice of R9, R10, or R12 anti-slip ratings, our floor sticker are suitable for both dry and wet weather conditions.

Highly Visible

Full-Colour vibrant prints with either our pre-made designs, or your own artwork! Signage is made to be seen, especially if its under foot.

Short or Long Term Use

Suitable for application onto a range of surfaces, our stickers are the perfect solution for effective short or long term signage.

Ideals for Schools and Retail

Perfect for use schools and retail, our stickers are perfect for use in queuing systems, corridors and one way systems. 


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Best Seller

QR Code Stickers for Restaurants and Bars

Prices from (excluding VAT) £3.00

  • Sizes: 60mm / 100mm / 200mm
  • Great For At Table Ordering
  • Custom Branding Available

Stencils For Floor Painting

Prices from (excluding VAT) £8.50

  • Cut Stencils With Pre-Made Designs
  • Made From 1.2mm Polypropylene
  • Hardwearing & Reusable

Queue Management Floor Sticker Kit

Prices from (excluding VAT) £19.99

  • Anti-Slip Floor Stickers
  • Suitable For Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Pre-Designed Sticker Layouts
Just to say a big thank you for your talent and skill in making Ffion and StephenÕs wedding such a perfect day. From the first phone call to the big day we were given a first class service. We will be recommending you to al.
Carys Lowe - 3 years ago
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Anti-Slip Floor Stickers For Schools & Nurseries

Prices from (excluding VAT) £2.92

  • Fun, Colourful Designs
  • Great For Seating & Hallways
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use

All Your Needs Covered

Various Slip Ratings, Indoor / Outdoor, Free Social Distancing Designs, Pre-made floor sticker kits.

We have produced anti slip range of floor stickers to suit all commercial needs for social distancing. We are regularly adding new products.

With Social distancing forecasted to continue into the future after main lockdown restrictions are eased, we will endeavour to keep our products up to date, available at all times and in a range of designs to suit your needs and focus.

Social Distancing floor stickers and signage has proven key as a passive form of increasing awareness and keeping people safe in indoor and outdoor settings, with our range of slip and stick ratings, we are sure to have something to suit your setting. The floor stickers are an affordable way of passing on social distancing measures easily to your staff and customers.

Our range floor stickers come in a variety of slip ratings, and with different adhesives, they allow the Floor stickers to be used indoors and outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Anti-Slip 'R' Value Mean?
Where should I use social distancing floor sticker?
What are the most suitable applications for the floor stickers?

The Benefits of using Social Distancing Anti Slip Floor Stickers

Get the most out of your stickers, and better understand how they can help you to do your bit.

In these unprecedented times due to Covid-19, Social Distancing Floor Stickers and signage have become a norm for all of us to use and see. They have been accepted as a staple in all retail and office environments to convey messages of safety and compliance to see us through the pandemic. Perfectly suited for indoor or outdoor use. Our durable anti-slip floor graphic stickers are suitable for most types of hard floor and short pile carpet, such as office floors, carpet, wood, tile and concrete surfaces.

Social distancing stickers and vinyls have proven key as a passive form of increasing awareness and keeping people safe in indoor and outdoor settings. With our range of slip and stick ratings, we are sure to have something to suit your requirements. The floor stickers are an affordable way of passing on social distancing measures easily to your staff and customers.


  • Enhance understanding and compliance
  • Remind staff and customers to wear masks
  • Queue signage without the need for extra rope barrier systems
  • Reminders to use facilities for cleanliness
  • Stop the spread by displaying the appropriate social distancing space required
  • Help visitors and customers navigate one-way systems
  • Long-lasting once placed and easily moveable if required

What we can offer you:

  • Full range of Standard and Bespoke designs to offer brand consistency
  • Versatility to cater to any indoor and outdoor setting
  • Multiple placements including stairs, aisles, offices, low carpet
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Anti slip in an R-rating format to suit your placement
  • Domestic and Commercial setting stickers available

Please explore our range of stickers, offering you a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, designs, and anti slip ratings.

If you have any questions or are looking for something bespoke, please do not hesitate to get in touch where we will assist you. For further information, please read our Artwork Preparation guide or call our artwork studio on 01297 630130.

Where to Use Social Distancing Anti-Slip Floor Stickers?

Perfect for Retail, Shops, Healthcare, Educational Establishments and Offices

Where to use the Floor Stickers?

Retail, Shops & Stores


Perfectly suited for:

  • Supermarkets
  • Retail Units
  • Large Shops
  • Small Shops

Where to use the floor stickers?

  • Tills and Checkouts
  • Aisles (to keep distances)
  • Queing Systems
  • One way directional
  • Store Entrances
  • Shop Doorways

Schools, Colleges & Universities


Perfectly suited for:

  • Primary Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universties
  • Adult Education

Where to use the floor stickers?

  • Receptions and Entrances
  • Corridors and hallways
  • Queuing Systems
  • One way directional
  • Classroom entrances
  • Doorways

Healthcare, Offices & Warehouses


Perfectly suited for:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Production areas
  • Doctors Surgeries
  • Hospitals

Where to use the floor stickers?

  • Desk spacing
  • Walkways (to keep distances)
  • Queing Systems
  • One way directional
  • Entrances
  • Doorways

What Does the Anti-Slip 'R' Value Mean?

So what does R10, R12, R9 anti slip rating mean, and how does it affect a printed floor sticker or floor graphic? 

The R ratings are a way of grading the slip resistance for all sorts of floor surfaces, including floor stickers and floor graphics. It is important that you choose the correct anti slip grading for your floor stickers and floor graphics.

The 'R' in the name stands for ramp test, the lower the number (so R9) the lower the slip resistance of the floor graphic. So any printed product you see with an R9 rating, has the smallest amount of slip resistance. These go up to R13 which is the resistance that would be required in areas such as public areas such as swimming pool showers where the floor will be wet, or domestic areas such as wetrooms. 

The ratings of R9 and R10 are more commonly used in domestic situations, and in areas where there is a very low chance that the floor graphics will be subjected to damp and / or wet conditions.

For commercial applications where there may be a chance that the floor sticker or graphic may get wet, aa higher slip rating is required. For this we would recommend the R12 Slip rating that we supply.

This is why for our Floor graphics, we use a material that is rated at R12, we recommend that you asses which slip rating you feel your anti-slip floor sticker will require before purchasing.

Anti-Slip 'R' Resistance Table and Suitable Applications

This way of rating slip resistance, across Europe rating anti-slip properties of floor tiles, and all the below is based on this. It is based on BS 7976-2 UKSRG Guidelines.

This is the most commonly used method to grade the slip-resistance of a product, usually floor tiles but in our case it can be use for measuring the anti-slip properties of printed floor stickers and printed floor vinyls.

The table to the right denotes the 'R' rating method and the varying degrees of slope and applications where the floor graphics can be used. 

Anti-Slip Ramp Test (R) Ratings: DIN51130 Table

DIN51130 Anti Slip Table R9 R10 R11 R12 R13
Slip Angle (Degrees°) 6 - 10° 10 - 19° 19 - 27° 27-35° 35°
Chance of Slip if Wet High Moderate Moderate Low Low
Suitable Conditions Dry Mostly Dry Occasionally Wet Wet Very Wet

The above table provides the basic anti slip ramp test ratings. The parameters of the anti-slip test are based on the following:

  1. Shod foot, with cleated safety boots
  2. The surface is wet.
  3. The individual completing the test is attached with a harness for safety
  4. The angle of the ramp is adjusted whilst carrying out the test
  5. The degree ° at which the participant slips creates the above 'R' value anti-slip rating

The below information, gives more specific details on the printed floor stickers that we provide. We have supplied this information so that we give our customers all the information on our printed products so that they can make an informed decision on printed floor graphics.

We can source other materials to meet your printed anti-slip floor graphic requirements, we have researched the anti-slip print materials in great detail and have chosen what we feel to be the best product available at the best cost. We can source most print materials if there is a specific manufacturer and print process required to meet your, or your clients requirements.

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