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Pop Up Accessories and Lighting

Pop-Up Accessories and Lighting

We are always looking to give you the best display. We offer a huge selection of pop-up display accessories such as portable and convertible plinths, storage cases, floodlights and LCD Monitor Fixings! Adding accessories enhances your display, and can make all the difference, giving your audience a real show-stopper space.


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LED Entry 10W Pop Up Light

Prices from (excluding VAT) £59.65

  • Smart, Compact Appearance
  • 10W LED Pop Up Light
  • For Magnetic & Fabric Pop Ups

LED Square 12W Pop Up Light

Prices from (excluding VAT) £36.95

  • Smart & Compact Appearance
  • 12W LED Pop Up Light
  • For Magentic & Fabric Pop Ups

LED Square 24W Pop Up Lighting Kit

Prices from (excluding VAT) £55.40

  • Sold In Pairs - Stylish Silver Finish
  • 24W LED Pop Up Light
  • For Magnetic & Fabric Pop Ups
Excellent service. Customer support very helpful. Great seller!
Ewa Daszewska - 9 months ago
5 star 3817 Reviews

Vega 150W Halogen Pop Up Stand Light

Prices from (excluding VAT) £25.65

  • High Power Bright White Light
  • 150W Halogen Lighting
  • For Supremacy and Advantage Pop-Ups

LED 12W Floodlight Kit

Prices from (excluding VAT) £155.20

  • Dual Kit - 2 Lights, Cables & Transformer
  • 12W Black LED Floodlights
  • Link Up To 5 Lights To 1 Transformer

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Powerspot 950/1000 Pop Up Stand Lighting Kit

Prices from (excluding VAT) £70.70

  • Dual Kit - 2 Lights, Cables & Transformer
  • 12W LED Pop Up Lighting Kit
  • Large Range For Compatibility

Magnetic Pop Up Accessories

Prices from (excluding VAT) £5.80

  • For Magnetic Pop Ups
  • Graphic Hangers & Kickers
  • Enhance & Replacement Parts

Fabric Pop Up Accessories

Prices from (excluding VAT) £31.80

  • For Fabric Pop Ups
  • Accessories & Fixings
  • Enhance & Replacement Parts

TV Monitor Bracket for Pop Up Displays

Prices from (excluding VAT) £65.80

  • Easily Add A TV Monitor To Your Pop Up!
  • Suitable For 32" And Up To 8kg
  • 50/75/100 VESA Compatible

TV Monitor Bracket for Impact Pop Up Displays

Prices from (excluding VAT) £57.75

  • Easy To Fit TV Monitor Bracket
  • Made For Impact Pop-Up Range
  • Add A Digital Display To Your Stand
  • 10-Year Hardware Warranty


Giving your display those added features to really draw the eye is important in a busy space or exhibition hall. We offer you here a vast range to really make your display your own. From shelving, to convertible carry cases, plinths, wraps and stands, you'll be able to stand out from the crowd and make your display completely customised with Creative Solutions on your side.

All our pop-ups offer the best display solution in any space, they are eye catching, modern, with high-quality prints and materials to get you through multiple exhibitions over the years. Why not make your space the most inviting, enticing and instantly recognisable with features that really give the WOW-factor.

The accessories range shown here is constantly growing, and we will only ever offer you the best on the market to meet all budgets, branding and event space availability. You can rest assured your investment here will give you not only the finished products, but the best service, design and materials before, during and after.

Browse the full range here, and if you need any further product or exhibition advise, please don't hesitate to call us on 01297 630130.

Creative Solutions' Pop Up Display Stands come in 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4 and 3x5 sizes. We supply the pop-up stand with graphics or a pop up bundle that comes with a case conversion kit and pop up lighting at a reduced price.

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