Indoor and Outdoor Banners

We pride ourselves on the quality of the banner material we use to print on and lay up our cut vinyl banners

Banners are tried and tested, high-impact and cost-effective promotional tools for indoor and outdoor use.

Banners are enduring favourites at festivals, sporting events, trade fairs, exhibitions, product launches, seasonal promotions and corporate events. Banners also an extremely popular choice for Point of Sale branding in stores and shopping malls. Banners act as a powerful rallying call for your brand.

Banners can be mounted at different heights, they can be fixed to revolve, tethered to the ground, or depending on the base you chose, can be positioned pretty much anywhere. 

Click below for further product information on the differences between printed banners and cut vinyl banners

  • 440gsm banner vinyl
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • High definition printing
  • Perfect for text and simple logos
  • Durable, high quality vinyl

What's the difference between Printed and Cut Vinyl Banners?

Printed Banners

Printed banners are, as the name would suggest, printed directly. We use a perfectly smooth, supple banner material that gives the best finish every time. Using state of the art printers, we guarantee consistently excellent print quality. There are a range of materials available. Click through to see more.

                                                                                                                                         View Printed Banners >>

Cut Vinyl Banners

Cut vinyl was the original sign makers method for producing most forms of signs, including banners. The vinyl is printed, and then adhered to the substrate for a fantastic seamless finish.

                                                                                                                                       View Cut Vinyl Banners >>

Outdoor Display Banners

We manufacture banners in house at Creative Solutions so can meet urgent turnarounds at a very high quality.

For outdoor use we offer two types of banners. Full colour printed banners and cut-vinyl banners. Recently outdoors banners are moving towards always being printed due to a decrease in the cost of printable outdoor banner media and the fact full colour printed banners are less labour intensive to manufacture.

We still commonly produce cut-vinyl banners for outdoor displays but these are generally in smaller sizes as it is more difficult to manipulate the cut vinyl product over a larger area.

We print onto various medias that are used for outdoor displays. These are Banner Vinyl, both ion 440gsm and 550gsm materials. We print on a Mesh banner vinyl which allows air to pass through. These are perfect for hanging over streets as they do not catch the wind in the same way as standard outdoor banners that are solid. We also offer an Eco Friendly Banner is suitable for outdoor use. The best way to describe the finish of this is a bit like an artists canvas.

The outdoor banners come hemmed and eyeleted as standard. This can either be a banner with a single stitched hem or a double stitched hem. We can finish the banners with banner sleeves either horizontal or vertical to take aluminium or wooden poles. We can sew pockets into the banners and insert weights if required to hold the banner down in inclement external conditions.

If you require a custom size or shape of outdoor banner, or a large quantity, please call our sales team on 01297 630130 to discuss your needs. 

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