T3 Modular Display Exhibition Stand

Introducing the T3 modular exhibition stand

What is T3? T3 is a Modular Display System which can be used in a wide variety of environments. One system, endless display possibilities. T3 is a truly self-build modular display system. No tools or skilled labour is required to build T3. T3’s simple ‘patented’ twist and lock action makes T3 very easy to build and dismantle.

T3 Exhibition stands are the perfect middle ground between a pop-up stand and a custom built stand. It's a cost-effective solution that can be used again and again.

The T3 modular exhibition stand is the most innovative modular exhibition framework to have been produced in recent years. Manufactured in the UK it is very simple to build, easily transportable and most importantly quick and intuitive to construct.

Please see below for the different standard kit options available, custom and bespoke exhibition stands are also available and can be quoted on individual requirements.


T3 Modular Display Stands

 Verstaile and adaptable, the T3 can be used in a wide variety of display environments, allowing the T3 framework to be used within exhibition halls, conference suites, shopping centres, offices and much more.

Advantages of the T3 Modular Display System

Endless display possibilities: T3 can be used for multiple displays including, but not limited to, exhibition stands, conference sets, retail displays, light boxes, photo booths, event backdrops, entrance features and much more.

Integration of bespoke elements: T3’s flexibility and versatility is equal to any tailormade or bespoke display. Slat walling, display shelving, showcases and illumination can all be integrated into the T3 framework.

No tools required: T3’s simple patented, twist and lock connection means that you do not require any tools or lever to push, when installing or dismantling your display.

Compact: Each T3 profile is only 33mm x 33mm, meaning your display can be packed and stored within a flight case.

Reduced labour costs: Due to the ease of build, and not requiring tools for build or dismantle, there is no need for skilled labour meaning displays can be built by you or your clients.

Custom look and feel: T3 gives you the ability to completely cover the framework and easily add custom elements. This allows you to create the look and feel of an expensive, traditional custom display.

Reduce shipping costs for ease of transport: T3 packs down smaller than most systems, meaning some displays can be transported in the back of your car.

Reconfigurable and reuse: Due to the manageable beam lengths and ease of build, T3 allows you to reconfigure your display for multiple events and arenas.

Lightweight: The T3 system is produced from aluminium meaning each beam is lightweight and strong.

Can grow as your requirements grow: T3 allows you start with a simple shell scheme exhibition stand and grow into a large, space only stand as your requirements grow. This is all possible by simply adding a few extra beams and other elements to your original display.

Clad with multiple substrates: The T3 system has been designed to be clad with multiple substrates, including but not limited to rollable PVC, Foamex, Acrylic and Tension Fabrics.

Speed of build and dismantle: Requiring no tools, locks or levers to push, means your T3 displays will be quicker to install and dismantle over more traditional methods. UK manufactured: T3 has been manufactured in the UK for over ten years.

Maximise return and increase revenue: T3’s versatility allows you to reconfigure your display with ease. This means you can reuse the framework, maximising your revenue and sell more print.

Rental options: A single large display can be reconfigured with ease allowing you to use the framework again and again. What this means is your displays could be used for multiple clients in a variety of locations


The T3: A reliable, affordable exhibition stand    

The search for a new modular display exhibition stand that offers affordable basic kits along with a totally customisable solution has been top of Creative Solutions search list for a long time. We have been searching for a modular display system that can deliver our customers a viable solution that offers excellent quality and reliability at a reasonable price and can be constructed on-site by themselves.

We needed to be able to supply an exhibition stand that is adaptable to most creative ideas that you can come up with to fit in standard exhibition spaces. We think we have found it!

The T3 has a range of 6 standard kit configurations with various sizes that will suit most exhibition needs. With the help of our experienced design team together we can explore unlimited custom designs the T3 offers to unlock the potential of your exhibition space with this brilliant modular display kit.

Easy to Assemble

The T3 modular display kit is very simple to assemble. The T3 uses a straightforward twist-and-lock mechanism that requires no tools. Graphics fit the simply and seamlessly onto the T3 modular framework with the aid of magnetic fixings around the edge of the graphics and magnetic graphic hanging bars.

The T3 comes complete with the full framework, graphics panels and assembly instructions. Most importantly you will get our fantastic customer service to back this product as it comes with a lifetime guarantee against failure of the T3 framework hardware. You can be safe in the knowledge that should there be a problem with the hardware of your exhibition stand we will supply replacements parts to you immediately.


When the time comes to upgrade your exhibition stand, all modular parts of the T3 can be reused in the redesign of the stand. With T3 you can create a new layout with the same parts or we can supply specific parts to add sections if you are moving to a larger exhibition space. As your stand will be kept on file for three years minimum, we can also supply reprints of your graphic panels should new information be needed or a rebrand is undergone. This can be supplied for you T3 exhibition stand at a fraction of the cost of a whole new stand.

The Frame     

The T3 Air frame has been designed to create an easily transportable exhibition display. This starts with the lightweight frame, that is hardwearing and structuraly strong to support an array of full colour printed graphics on either Rollable panels or PVC board.

The T3 frame is a square 33mm aluminium tube with patented cross-shaped bayonet on each end that simply twist and lock into a connector. The T3 connecting piece is in the shape of a cube, allowing you to run more of the aluminium bars in any of 6 directions. The T3’s framework comes in straight or curved sections, all in lengths that can be easily transported in the boot of a car. There are no tools required for the assembly of the T3 Air Frame. The frame is available in two different sections, depending on the type of graphics being used.

Easy Stand Build for You         

The T3 modular display is specifically designed to be simple and intuitive for 2 people to erect. All stands come with specific instructions and with practice minutes, not hours should suffice to put up your exhibition display. The T3 is made for you the end user to be able to save money on transport and assembly. You can put your display stand on your own quickly and efficiently.

With the ability to be able to design, construct and transport the stand yourself, cost savings can be seen throughout the purchase and use of the T3. With most bespoke stands, you will have to pay for the custom computer design and layout of the stand. These costs are greatly reduced by the T3 as it comes in standard lengths so a plan view can be drawn up very quickly. You can construct the T3 stand; transportation costs are greatly reduced as the modular display breaks down into most parts being under 1000mm to fit in any reasonably sized car. Even if you are using couriers the size, and diminished weight of the stand will be much cheaper send.

Worried? No problem, We can Help!             

If you feel you are not up to doing this, or would like us to show you how to assemble at the first exhibition we are well versed in installation of all kinds of exhibition stands, and the T3 is no exception. We would happily come and put this up for you anywhere in the UK (costs do apply), if you think you would require this service please contact us on 01297 630 130. We also offer storage facilities for your exhibition stand at competitive rates if required. 

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