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Pull Up Roller Banner Stands

Roller Banner Stands

A huge range of roller banner stands with high-quality printed graphics. Pull up banners, stand up banners and roller banners to suit any budget. The printed graphic just rolls away into the aluminium base and protects your image to ensure it looks perfect every time you use your display. 


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36 products found
Best Seller

Orient Pull-Up Roller Banner Stand

Prices from (excluding VAT) £93.40

  • Premium Model
  • Adjustable Stability Feet
  • Comes With Padded Bag
  • 6 Widths To Choose From

Economy Roller Banner Stand

Prices from (excluding VAT) £56.90

  • Entry-Level Banner Stand
  • Reinforced Frame & Stability Feet
  • Supplied With Canvas Bag
  • Tool-Free Assembly

Wasp Budget Roller Banner Stand

Prices from (excluding VAT) £50.30

  • Budget Banner Stand
  • 3 Widths Available
  • Twist Out Twin Feet
  • Secure Graphic Snap Rail
Quality serviceThanks very much
Brian - 2 years ago
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Everyday R Roller Banner Stand

Prices from (excluding VAT) £60.70

  • Great All-Round Model
  • 6 Widths Available
  • Patented Stabilising Feet
  • Supplied With Canvas Bag

Mantis Budget Roller Banner Stand

Prices from (excluding VAT) £58.05

  • Budget-Friendly Banner Stand
  • 3 Widths Available
  • Twist-Out Stability Feet
  • Secure Graphic Snap Rail

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Contract Roller Banner Stand

Prices from (excluding VAT) £48.90

  • Entry-Level Banner Stand
  • 4 Popular Banner Widths
  • Contract Price, Great Quality!
  • Supplied With Canvas Bag

Popular Roller Banner Stand

Prices from (excluding VAT) £87.70

  • 6 Widths Available
  • Fantastic Quality
  • 2-Minute Easy Assembly
  • Supplied With Carry Bag
We have ordered a few items from Creative Solutions and each time the service has been friendly, on-time and the item has been of good quality- would highly recommend.
Victoria Williams, IWM Duxford - 2 months ago
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Mosquito Pull-Up Roller Banner Stand

Prices from (excluding VAT) £61.15

  • Easy To Use Banner Stand
  • 6 Widths Available!
  • Twist-Out Stability Feet
  • Supplied With Carry Bag

Luxury Roller Banner Stand

Prices from (excluding VAT) £106.60

  • 6 Widths Available
  • Graphic Re-Tensioning System
  • Sophisticated Scooped Design
  • Tough Front Extrusion For Durability

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Breeze Table Top Banner Stand

Prices from (excluding VAT) £27.00

  • A4 or A3 Graphic Display
  • Anodised Silver Colour
  • 1-Year Hardware Warranty
  • Ultra Lightweight

Barracuda Pull-Up Roller Banner Stand

Prices from (excluding VAT) £115.35

  • Premium Pull Up Stand
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Hybrid Telescopic Pole
  • 6 Widths Up To 2400mm

Dragonfly 2 Double Sided Roller Banner Stand

Prices from (excluding VAT) £113.10

  • Unobtrusive Twist-Out Feet
  • Easy To Assemble
  • 3 Part Pole With Bungee Cord


Roller banner stands are exactly as they sound, a printed graphic banner that simply rolls away in to a stand. This protects your banner, and the sturdy aluminium base makes it easy to transport and set up. 

The range of roller banner stands is ever increasing. The product list updates regularly here and we try and provide display solutions for every possible need, be it a roller banner for a one off event, or one that you want to last for years. Creative Solutions can supply you a roller banner stand for any eventuality.

If you need to speak to our sales team regarding roller banner stands please call 01297 630 130.


The Roller Banner stand has picked up many names over the years such as:

  • roll up banner stand
  • pull up banner stand
  • pop up banner stand

We prefer to stick with the 'roller banner stand' and this will be seen through the rest of the website, so if you did know this type of banner stand by some other name - we are now talking about the same thing!


The roller banner stands have two variants when it comes to sizes, these are widths and heights.


This is usually the first measurement that is seen in the titles of the banner stand, and is generally the same widths from all manufacturers of roller banner stands. You will see the graphic width especially if you are in the ordering process. The most common widths of roller banner stand are 800mm and 1000mm wide. The banner stand widths then generally go up in 200mm increments.

600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm there are roller banner stands that can be made up to 2000mm and 2400mm wide, please call us on 01297 630 130 if you want to discuss these.

The more standard widths of 800mm and 1000mm tend to give optimum exposure whilst taking up the minimum of space.

Roller banner stand widths will depend on the make and model of banner stand you choose. Some models such as the cricket banner stand only come in one width at 850mm wide. This is usually the same for most budget banner stands as they are mass produced hence the cheaper prices. There are cheaper ranges of banner stands that run from 800mm through to 1500mm such as the mosquito banner stand.

For our premium roller banner stands that boast the longer 10 year guarantees, you are looking more at the Original Banner 2. This can be made in widths from 600mm to 2400mm in single and double sided roller versions. Again, please call if you are interested in the extra wide roller banner stands as they are not available to purchase from our site.


As roller banner stands are made by a range of manufacturers, they all tend to have slightly different specifications when it comes to the length of the graphic that the banner stand requires. 

The graphic required for the banner stand will vary as different manufacturers like a certain amount of media to be rolled around the roller mechanism in the banner stand base. AS a general rule, the height of roller banner stands is between 2000mm and 2200mm. Most common are 2000mm, 2100mm and 2130mm.

These stand heights used to be fixed, but due to the advent of telescopic poles, we can now offer you certain  banner stands at unconventional heights. We have done some down to 760mm in height so anything is possible with a roller banner stand.

We have tried to take away most of the searching around and making the graphic for your stand by supplying templates for pretty much every stand. These templates are made for when the roller banner stand is being used at its normal height.


There is a huge range of quality from the mass produced Chinese banner stands to the banner stands that are produced here in the UK. At the moment, probably 80% of the banner stands, or parts for them are produced in China.

Some of the more expensive banner stands are then assembled here in the UK. The longer the guarantee on a roller banner stand, the better the manufacture of the roller mechanism is and the quality of the materials and components used. 

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