Rollable Exhibition Panels & Graphics

Rollable exhibition panels make your exhibition stand easy to transport, set-up and remove by yourself!

Our rollable exhibition panels are the simplest way to maximise space on your exhibition stand. Rollable panels are transported easily and usually simply attached to your exhibition shell scheme wall.

Our rollable exhibition panels are printed onto the highest quality, semi rigid media and laminated with thick, anti curl and protective laminate or a cheaper, but still excellent print quality, rollable heavy duty banner vinyl.

For more information click on the link below or call our sales team on 01297 630 130 for expert views and help. 

  • Premium rollable panels
  • Robust and durable
  • Seamless graphics
  • Easy installation
  • Full colour printed panels
  • Displays like wallpaper
  • Maximise stand space
  • Rolls up in to drums

  • Full colour printed panels
  • Displays like wallpaper
  • Easy to transport
  • Rolls up in to drums
  • Rolls up in to drums
  • Maintain max stand space
  • Re-usable banner vinyl
  • Various fixing solutions

  • Cover any exhibition wall
  • Simply staple to any solid surface
  • Textured fabric surface
  • Rigid wheeled case
  • Transport banner vinyl
  • Protect your products
  • Lockable

Why choose rollable exhibition wall graphics?

Rollable exhibition wall panels offer a highly adaptable and cost effective option for you exhibition stand. We can print the panels to meet your exact requirements, whether you have a shell clad exhibition stand or space only. They are commonly attached to the stand via velcro or eyelets. 

Perhaps most importantly, the graphics can be installed by yourself with ease, before being rolled up for easy transportation and storage. 

We'll always print using the highest quality inks, and your rollable media will be laminated with a thick anti-curl laminate to ensure it stands the test of time.

Installing rollable shell scheme panels is easier than a lot of people realise. The panels simply attach to the velcro shell clips that run the length of the vertical poles, and stick straight up on to the wall. Think of it like putting up wallpaper, but without the annoying creases or air bubbles.

Creative Solutions can print your rollable panels to your exact specification and send them directly to the exhibition venue. Installing the exhibition panels is so simple you can put them up yourself, creating a seamless professional display for your business.

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