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Cassette Cartridge inc. Graphic

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Cassette cartridges are available for the Merlin and Imagine cassette roller banner stands. The cassette banner stand allows you to have multiple graphic cartridges for one stand and can be changed quickly and easily for fast-moving promotions. Avoid downtime in your advertising by removing the need to send your banner stand back for us for graphic change over. 

  • Cassette complete with high quality printed graphic.
  • Quick and easy DIY graphic change in 30 seconds.
  • Suitable for use with the Merlin or Imagine casette banner stand. 
  • Durable banner casing to protect graphic when not in use.
  • Cost-effective solution to fast-moving priomotions. 
  • Production turnaround of 4-5 working days. 

Product Description

Additional cassettes for the Merlin and Imagine banner stands are a cost-effective solution for wanting interchangeable graphics. The additional graphic comes in the same high-quality base unit as the original cassette and is durable and easy to store for future use.

The DIY simple instant graphic change means that, unlike standard roller banner stands, there is no need to return the stand for us to change graphics. Instead, this can be done quickly and easily in under 30 seconds, with no tools needed to carry out the change. These additional cassettes have excellent durability and will stand the test of time, even under continual use in high-pressure display and exhibition situations. Expand your range of graphics and build a library of graphics panels that can be neatly stored, ready for easy insertion into the Merlin or Imagine cassette banner stands. 



Display Area



Merlin 850 x 2000mm Anti-curl grey-backed roll-up film (420gsm)           1.1 kg
Merlin        1000 x 2000mm          Anti-curl grey-backed roll-up film (420gsm)           1.2 kg
Imagine 850 x 2130mm Anti-curl grey-backed roll-up film (420gsm)           1.2 kg
Imagine        1000 x 2130mm          Anti-curl grey-backed roll-up film (420gsm)           1.3 kg

Please contact us for information on alternative print options. 

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