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Xylem Water Business Signage & Displays


Xylem Water Business Signage & Displays


Xylem Water

Xylem is a pioneering water technology company focused on addressing the world’s water, wastewater, and energy needs through innovative and intelligent technology. From the collection and distribution of water, to its reuse and return to nature, Xylem’s highly-efficient technological water solutions use less energy, reduce the cost of life-cycles, and promote sustainability. Their systems set the standard for efficiency in the industry.

Xylem have utilised the length and breadth of our product range within their business to increase awareness, aid staff and visitor safety and make sure each and every area of the business is meeting and exceeding government regulations for signage and display in high-traffic and operation areas.

This blog will walk you through all of Xylem's major signage and display pieces, showing you just easy it is to adapt branding, space availability and installations to any area of your business, both inside and out!

3D External Lettering Signage Display for Xylem Water


3D External Lettering Signs

As you enter the Xylem site, you will be greeted into the car park area with this bright and welcoming 3D lettering sign, powder-coated to Xylem's specific branding colour blue.

These letters are created from shaping aluminium sheets, with fixing brackets mounted into the rear. Powder coated for an incredible external grade finish, these can then be mounted to almost any surface. On this ocassion they have been  mounted to a white tray sign, mounted onto posts for perfect visibility from all angles and the road.

We are able to offer a bespoke built-up letter service manufacturing in aluminium. The minimum cap height of 300mm applies, dependent on font type. Other than this pretty much anything goes! Letters will be professionally powder-coated for a long-lasting protective finish to suit your colour requirements.


Custom Printed Wallpaper

As you enter the main lobby you are greeted by these exceptional printed wallpaper creations. The first (see left) allows you to easily see Xylem's vision and values and the breadth of their engineering works with full colour, crisp photography recreations coupled with clear text areas.

Xylem's building features a cylindrical staircase up to their offices, so what better way to make you feel part of the water journey with the inside a pipe! Coloured to appear like the dried water molecules inside a pipe, the green and blue ties in with the buildings blue staircase and main lobby wallpaper installation.

Perfect for creating inspired spaces and corporate murals, our wallpaper can either be made from traditional pastable wallpaper, or a self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper for high-traffic areas and easy removal when your branding or message needs to be updated.

Main Lobby Printed Wallpaper Mural For Businesses & Offices
Custom Printed Water Effect Wallpaper Creation In Entrance Stairwell
Office Wall Murals & Custom Printed Wallpaper


Office Wall Murals & Custom Wallpaper

Up into the offices the branding continues with a custom wall mural that spaces the back wall. Creating these branded spaces for your workers creates a connection and smart office space they are proud to work in.

This self-adhesive creation is printed into several drops like traditional wallpaper and creates a seamless display around fixing points, alarms, plug sockets and other obstructions. These can all be taken into consideration during the design process to make sure key information isn't cut out or obstructed.

We are able to provide completely custom printed traditional wallpaper or self-adhesive vinyl applications pending on your needs and space. For high-traffic areas that can easily see scuffs and scrapes, self-adhesive wallpaper is a much more future-proof solution. Although highly bonded to the wall, it can easily be removed at a later date for a branding update or when a building lease comes to an end.

Full Colour Custom Printed Window Graphics for Internal Window Privacy


Window Graphics

Having internal glass windows and partitions is really helpful for letting in natural light and making a space feel bigger, however when that window is awkwardly positioned, it takes a creative solution to make it work for you! Window graphics come in a wide variety of options and application types, meaning there really is a solution for all spaces.

Leading from the manufacturing, training and workshop areas into the soon-to-be dining and lunch room are a series of internal glass window. To give those on their shift breaks more privacy and separation from the work area during this time, the windows have been cleverly branded with a double sided opaque vinyl to remain on brand.

We used a white, opaque vinyl for these installations. Full colour window graphics are printed slowly for maximum colour saturation, as well as giving crisp, high-resolution finished to photos and text. Your window graphics are then cut to size ready for a perfect application no matter if you are covering the whole window or some of it. From Frosted & Etched Window Manifestations, Semi-Opaque Window Films and One-Way Vision Films,  we host an incredible range that can be tailored to your bespoke requirements, and a full Graphic Design Team to assist with layout, branding and your artwork brief.

Office Wall Murals & Custom Printed Wallpaper


Printed Wall Graphics

Leading to the working and production areas in a high-traffic spot, Xylem chose to display their incredible partnership with Manchester City, Manchester City Women, and New York City FC.

Sized to perfectly sit between the two light switches, this bold wall graphic has been cut to shape and is printed onto high performance high-tack vinyl.

We are perfectly equipped to create wall graphics in any size, colour, finish  to suit any space and budget. These can be to display sponsorship and partnership affiliations, as well as branding, vision and values as well as branding or your logo.

Any design brief can be given to our brilliant Graphic Designers to re-create, and we can even send samples of materials and colours for you to test before making the final purchase.

We have recently extended our range beyond including the popular printed wall graphics, to also include brickwork vinyl and temporary wall graphics perfect for POS displays and seasonal limited time offers.


Site Safety Signage

Heading outdoors, Xylem recently had a series of additional health & safety signage as well as directional signage to assist visitors, couriers and business partners navigate their site in Axminster. The additional workplace hazards of working in such close proximity to heavy goods, machinery and places of height for storage call for additional safety regulations and signage to be clearly visible, all to aid in the reduction of injury, accident or near misses.

ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) is a fitting material for hard-wearing, high-foot traffic areas such like this that need long-term signage installations. It can be cut to any size, easily drilled and fixed in place to a range of surfaces.

You can read an in-depth blog for Xylem's Warehouse & External Safety Signage installation here, as well as a blog on their custom safety floor graphic walkway.

External Metal Gate Mounted Site Safety & Navigation Signage
Business Site Safety Signage & Displays For Wayfinding, Navigation and H&S
Warehouse Health & Safety Signage for Xylem Water
Custom Safety Walkway External Floor Graphic
External Health & Safety Site Signage & Navigation Signage Displays
3D Illuminated Lettering Logo Wall Mounted Signage For Xylem


Illuminated Signage

Once outside and having seen all the site signage in daylight, it was fantastic to see the external signage boasting its 24/7 visibility potential. Xylem's site spans multiple buildings on the Millwey Rise Industrial Estate, so to keep all in branding synchronisation, all of them sport a tailor-made wall mounted external signage, bespoke to its location and fitting style.

Illuminated Lettering Signs are a power brand reinforcement signage type, allowing your logo to do all the hard work for you at all times of day and year. We offer a full range of completely customisable illuminated signage including External Lightbox Flex Face Signage.

Lit from within, behind, in-front or through a flex-face surface, it can be created in any size and a perfect replica of your branding. All components of the installation and creation of your signage will be discussed with you, we are also able to offer site visits across the UK if you would like an in-person meeting to discuss your site and project.

You can read more on Xylem's illuminated lettering signage installations here.

If you are looking for a non-illuminated lettering option, we also offer flat cut letters and built-up 3D letters.
3D Illuminated Opal Front Illuminated Lettering On Building Entrance - By Night!
3D Illuminated Lettering Installation On Wall Mounted Tray Sign for Xylem Water

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Posted by Samantha on January 15th 2024

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