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Illuminated Lettering Signs for Xylem


Illuminated Lettering Signs for Xylem



Xylem is a pioneering water technology company focused on addressing the world’s water, wastewater, and energy needs through innovative and intelligent technology. From the collection and distribution of water, to its reuse and return to nature, Xylem’s highly-efficient technological water solutions use less energy, reduce the cost of life-cycles, and promote sustainability. Their systems set the standard for efficiency in the industry.

Through a valued and longstanding relationship, we have visited the Xylem site in Axminster numerous times over the years to install various displays and signage including custom printed informative ACM  panelling to give the space a splash of colour in their training area, larger than life self-adhesive vinyl logo stickers, to office wall murals and infographics. Away from the office, the Xylem team are well versed in attending Trade Shows and Exhibitions, allowing us with our own state-of-the-art technology to design and create their exhibition stand displays.

Xylem have utilised the length and breadth of our product range within their business to increase awareness, staff and visitor enjoyment and put their best foot forward in their mission to "Solve Water". For this next and biggest of projects to date, lets turn on the lights...

Illuminated Lettering Logo Sign mounted on aluminium tray for steel fronted industrial estate building
Individual Illuminated Letters for Brick Building


3D Illuminated Lettering Signs

Being the modern and technologically advanced business Xylem are, their new signage displays needed to show off the established logo and branding colours, with full visibility at all times of day and throughout the year to visitors, staff and local travellers near the industrial estate as standard.

The brief for this large scale project included two areas, the front-facing curved brick wall next to the main entrance, and the steel covered exterior of their works area. Prior to quoting the work needed, we did a site visit to talk through Xylem's vision, placement and size of the signage they required. Both signs would utilise the 'XYLEM' logo in 3D, the sides of the letters would match the blue branding, with the face of each letter in white for clarity in the daytime, and full illuminated potential at night.


Due to the weight and wiring of each individual letters, an aluminium tray was placed behind the illuminated lettering on the steel wall to evenly distribute the weight of the signage, and allow for a cleaner installation. The tray sits on two long 50x50mm aluminium fixing rails hidden within the tray, with minimal holes needing to be drilled through the steel. The wiring can then effectively be hidden in the tray before passing through these holes, ready for an electrician on site to wire the sign  into the building from the inside.


Unlike the new installation from scratch for the steel-fronted building, Xylem already had old signage in place that the new 3D illuminated lettering would replace.  Here is a step-by-step guide to the installation process:

Aluminium Tray Lettering Removal Service
Old Logo Lettering Removed
New Illuminated Lettering Signage getting unpackaged


The old 3D tray sign letters are first assessed and safely removed from the building, making sure to check fixing points and the brick integrity. Once safety back on the ground, the new 3D lettering can be unwrapped and also assessed before installation commences.

Applying installation stencil for drill-hole placement
Attaching LED mounts to brick wall for illuminated lettering
Illuminated Lettering LED Mounts applied to brick building


A stencil is produced perfectly matching the new signage to let the installation team know where the new fixing points will go. Once this is signed off from ground level, the 10mm foamex backtrays that the LED modules fit to are mounted to the wall. For this project we used 6500k v14 Sloan LED's, these come in a bright white finish, have a low energy consumption and a 10-year warranty, perfect for external signage at height.

LED Illuminated Lettering and Wires ready for lettering installation
Attaching 3D lettering with white acrylic faces to LED mounts on brick wall


With the wiring in place, the faces of each 3D letter can then be attached to encase the LED modules. These have been created in stainless steel, powder coated to the clients brief in their signature blue, with each letter measuring 588mm in height. For a smooth finish these are almost rimless to allow for maximum illuminated potential, and have been finished with a 5mm Opal Acrylic that smooths the LED's power into an edge-to-edge so as not to see the individual LED bulbs.

Once the electrical components have been passed through the wall, any exposed edges are sealed to match the brickwork for a seamless and professional finish. Once all in place, the task is then handed over to Xylem's electrician to wire the letters into the power supply.

3D Illuminated Lettering Installation - Xylem Water in Axminster


Bespoke Illuminated Signage Creations

We offer a full range of completely customisable illuminated signage, your imagination is really the only limit. Lit from within, behind, in-front or through a flex-face surface, it can be created in any size and a perfect replica of your branding. All components of the installation and creation of your signage will be discussed with you, we are also able to offer site visits across the UK if you would like an in-person meeting to discuss your site and project.

Check out our Case Studies below to see inspiration from other illuminated signage clients and their own visions for their branding!

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Posted by Samantha on February 28th 2023

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