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Effective Warehouse & Production Area Safety Signage for Xylem Water


Effective Warehouse & Production Area Safety Signage for Xylem Water



Xylem is a pioneering water technology company focused on addressing the world’s water, wastewater, and energy needs through innovative and intelligent technology. From the collection and distribution of water, to its reuse and return to nature, Xylem’s highly-efficient technological water solutions use less energy, reduce the cost of life-cycles, and promote sustainability. Their systems set the standard for efficiency in the industry.

Through a valued and longstanding relationship, we have visited the Xylem site in Axminster numerous times over the years to install various displays and signage including custom printed informative ACM  panelling to give the space a splash of colour in their training area, larger than life self-adhesive vinyl logo stickers, to office wall murals and infographics. Away from the office, the Xylem team are well versed in attending Trade Shows and Exhibitions, allowing us with our own state-of-the-art technology to design and create their exhibition stand displays.

Xylem have utilised the length and breadth of our product range within their business to increase awareness, aid staff and visitor safety and make sure each and every area of the business is meeting and exceeding government regulations for signage and display in high-traffic and operation areas.

Printed Vinyl Walkway in Operations Area, Safety Wall Signage and Chevron Marking Doorway
Printed Vinyl Walkway in Operations Area, Safety Wall Signage and Chevron Marking Doorway
Custom Printed Safety Signage Design


Effective Safety Signage & Chevron Kits

Large scale operation areas such as manufacturing, warehousing and distribution centres are known for their high risk environments in safety management. The additional workplace hazards working in such close proximity to heavy goods, machinery and places of height for storage call for additional safety regulations and signage to be clearly visible, all to aid the reduction of injury, accident or near misses.

Xylem were looking to add additional safety measures to their forklift area, which also acts as an on-foot entrance and reception for workers and visitors to the operations area. To highlight the need for extra awareness and precautions, bright, highly visible signage and colours were used for each installation piece. The three safety signage components installed here work in conjunction to make sure those in the area are highly aware of the hazards, and remain vigilant to reduce the risk of injury and collision.

Warning & Safety Wall Signage - In a compact area where foot-traffic and and machinery meet, a warehouse is a high-risk environment in need of safety signage throughout. These signage installations will help make operators and bystanders aware of the associated dangers of being in the area, as well as any instructions to gain access. Fork-lift related accidents and collisions are just one of the potential hazards of this type of working environment, so by displaying signage in a highly visible colour that protects both pedestrians and vehicle operators is a must to reducing accidents whilst increasing awareness.

ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) can be cut to any size, easily fixed in place, and faced with either a direct print, or a vinyl overlay for full-colour vibrancy, longevity and ease of renewing in a few years time. Our Long-lasting vinyl applications are printed onto a high-performance vinyl with either a 1, 5 or 7-year guarantee. This variety allows you to assess how long the signage needs to be in place, if you have any upcoming plans to refresh your branding or vision, as well as be assured your sign is going to look great for years to come. As the ACM will always outlive its vinyl application, it means you can re-face your signage time and time again without having to replace everything.

Anti-Slip Printed Floor Vinyl Walkway - When used in combination with traditional safety signage, floor markers, clearly bordered walkway areas and instructions at this lower eye-level can help contribute to fulfilling health and safety legislation whilst emphasising safe routes for pedestrians where they meet moving machinery. These highly visible walkways for pedestrians will contribute greatly to a much safer, accident-free workspace in an efficient manner.

For the walkway we used a Anti-Slip Printed Floor Vinyl with a R12 Slip Rating. This can be used in both wet and dry conditions as well as internally or externally, although the external use is for short-term uses only. The durability of the floor sticker will depend on the volume of traffic that passes over it. Xylem were very aware of the high-traffic the vinyl would need to endure, so were happy to proceed on this basis, favouring safety and the potential need for inspection and replacement over not having a visible walkway in the area.

Forklift Chevron Signage - To assist machinery operators navigate the entrance to the operations area and bring awareness to the hazard this may present, a reflective yellow chevron kit was installed around the doorway to highlight the width and height of the area.

Each chevron panel was made by applying a reflective yellow vinyl to a sheet of acrylic, this is then overlaid with black gloss vinyl to create the chevron pattern. Each panel is measured to fit the doorway and bottom corners on both sides for 360 visibility at all times of day. We are well versed in chevron markings for both safety signage and vehicle graphics, so can walk you through regulatory requirements for either!

Custom Printed Vinyl Safety Walkway


Do You Have Gaps In Your Safety Signage Strategy?

If you are not seeing the results of your safety signage installations, or these are starting to look tired, outdated, dirty and hidden, we suggest reaching out to us at Creative Solutions. We are experienced in creating safety and warning signage for public areas, warehouses, industrial buildings, schools, councils and private land. 

We are able to discuss both standard fitting signage, as well as custom created like those here for Xylem to take into consideration branding, the area, and the space needing a new safety strategy.  In addition, because we produce signage as individual as our clients, you will receive a service and product tailored to your business type and requirements over mass produced units that may not be to your specifications.

If you have questions, or want to talk to one of our team, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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Posted by Samantha on March 20th 2023

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