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Cut Vinyl Vehicle Branding & Reflective Chevron Kit for B&J Locke Ltd


Cut Vinyl Vehicle Branding & Reflective Chevron Kit for B&J Locke Ltd.


B&J Locke

A family team, B&J Locke offers a full package of grounds work and plant hire services. Based in Axminster, this local business had previously booked in with us to get their classic B&J Locke Cut Vinyl Vehicle Branding, so this time around it was about sizing up the rear of the vehicle for a custom fitted reflective graphic installation.


Reflective & High Visibility Vehicle Graphics

Reflective vinyl graphics are a great tool for staying visible on the road and when on site, both at night and during daylight hours. Utilising bright colours and reflective vinyl helps to increase visibility, promoting your brand as well as keeping you safer. When teamed with Cut Vinyl Vehicle Graphics to showcase your logo, branding or message, your fleet vehicles then become a powerful form of advertising as they give you the ability to take your branding with you on the move.

As you can see here (right) our in-house Graphic Design Studio are able to illustrate exactly how the new graphics will look on the vehicle once in place.

When it comes to installing reflective vehicle vinyls, there are some rules to follow to make sure you are in line with current regulations for their usage. For example, red is the only colour typically allowed on the back of vehicles, whilst white is recommended for the front - much like the lights on your car, it lets people know which end of your vehicle is in their path! This however is very much vehicle and service dependent. Emergency Services vehicle will typically be in yellow and green, and the Police in blue and yellow. You can see here reflective graphics applied to a Rapid Response Vehicle, and Doc Bike.

We are able to precure the best vehicle graphics vinyls on the market in a massive range of colours, textures and finish options to suit all business branding colours and guidelines. We can also custom print vinyl applications so you can use images and patterns to really draw attention when your on the road.

Rear View of Silver MAN Van for B&J Locke
Rear View of Reflective Vehicle Graphics and Branding for B&J Locke


Using Reflective Vehicle Vinyl for Branding and Visibility

There are specific standards of vinyl to be used for reflective vinyl graphics, of which we source the best on the market to make sure these rules are always adhered to. There is however no need to go read front to back of the Highway Code, as we can assist you with any questions you have on getting your graphics applied.

Chapter 8 Markings

Like here on Bigfoot's van, the new chevron markings are in a fluorescent yellow and retro-reflective red vinyl. If your van or car ever stops to work on a public road then it is essential to comply to Chapter 8 best practice to ensure the safety of your workforce and the general public. You'll typically see these chevon markings on maintenance vehicles that read 'Motorway Maintenance' or 'Highway Maintenance'. These highly visible conspicuity markings are essential for the safety of all road users.

Regulations for Reflective Graphics

Since 2011 the ECE104 regulations have ensured that road users are able to identify and adjust their driving to accommodate potentially slower moving vehicles. So, whether you’ve got a car, van, truck or trailer, stand out on the road 24/7 with reflective vehicle graphics which showcase your business both day and night.

How long do Vehicle Graphics take to apply? We normally ask to have your vehicle for a day to be able to apply graphics. Pending the size of the vehicle, the area being covered and the level of detailing required, some vehicles can take a few days to complete. We will always discuss this with you during quotation so you are not caught out and can arrange alternative transport for the time your vehicle is with us.

How much does Vehicle Graphics cost? This really is dependant on the type and size of your vehicle, and again the amount of media and time for labour required. We created a handy guide detailing the ball-park figures you should allow pending on the type of work needed here.

Can you help me design my Vehicle Graphics? Of course! We have a Design Team in-house fully equipped to walk you through the process and turn your branding, logo and any other features you want into reality. We create a custom template for your make and model, and will then send proofs of what the final creation will look like before anything goes to print. We have an extensive catalogue of previous clients too in our Vehicle Graphics blogs so you can see past work done.

Do you offer Vehicle Graphic removal? We also offer a removal service if you've got a vehicle with vinyl already installed, or needs replacing. Give us a call or email to discuss what you need doing.

Need Commercial Vehicle Graphics on BIG transport vehicles? No problem! We've done detailing to all sized vehicles used for all purposes. From full length lorries to heavy machinery, once we know the size of the area you want worked on, we can use our large flatbed printers to create strips of full-colour vinyl up to 3meters wide, and as many panels as needed!

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Posted by Samantha on December 20th 2022

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