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Anti-Slip Floor Stickers for Somerset NHS Foundation Trust


Somerset NHS Foundation Trust’s aim is to provide community, mental health and acute hospital services throughout the county. They are hugely proud to be the first trust of its kind in the UK. 

To ensure they are delivering the best possible care to their community, the Trust works with numerous health and social care partners across Somerset.

The trust was formed in April 2020, when Somerset Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust were integrated. 

Since the merger, they have continued to deliver care across the whole of Somerset with acute hospital services being supplied in the north, west and centre of the county.


As the NHS continues to work tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it was with great pleasure that we were able to lend our services to the cause—in our own unique way. 

The Trust got in contact looking for a large range of anti-slip floor stickers that would be positioned throughout the NHS building. These stickers would help promote social distancing and control the flow of foot traffic within the complex. 

Creative Solutions have been providing printed anti-slip floor stickers throughout the pandemic. Indeed, in recent months, we have been supplying and installing them in hospitals across Somerset. 

These high-quality printed stickers are designed for use in both indoor or outdoor environments and their robust, non-slip texture makes them suitable for most types of hard floor and short pile carpet. Offices, supermarkets, banks—this product is perfect for any number of commercial and public settings and will be a vital part of promoting social distancing within your workspace.

To help select the right product, we have divided the floor stickers into basic categories. This informs our clients of the anti-slip ‘R’ rating for each sticker and tells them exactly what conditions it can be used in. For the Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, with a high volume of foot traffic and public safety absolutely paramount, an R12-rated anti-slip sticker was the obvious choice.


We supplied the client with 1000s of anti-slip R12-rated floor stickers. We provided a selection of 5 different circular directional stickers (750 of each) which would help guide visitors and staff around the building as well as reminding them of the Trust’s social distancing policy. 

The information displayed on the stickers (‘please wait here’ ‘keep apart’ ‘one way’ etc.) and the directional arrows, were printed in solid black, on top of a bright yellow background. Visibility was key for this product and the colour combination certainly helped in that regard. 

We also supplied 4 additional types of sticker (750 of each) which, again, would provide key information to visitors to the building. We used the same colour scheme—black on yellow—which really makes each ‘do not cross the line’ message stand out. The instructions can be read quickly and easily. 

The stickers are highly functional. Their fundamental purpose is to keep people distanced and safe—the high-quality, durable and clean-cut design of each sticker goes some way in helping achieve that goal. The client was delighted with the results and we are equally happy to keep providing these products to hospitals and medical facilities across the country.

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Posted by Ben on August 7th 2020

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