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POS Displays: Top 8 Tips On Where And How To Use Them


POS Displays: Top 8 Tips On Where And How To Use Them


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If a customer is walking into your store, like most high street shoppers they either A - know what they are looking for B - are conducting research on something they are interested in or C - Want to be persuaded! You have limited time to grab their attention.  Store Visual Merchandising Teams or individuals of small businesses' goal is to create inspiring and intriguing store spaces to engage your customer and encourage sales.

If you choose the right point of sale (POS) display and use it effectively, you can really help to boost profits and promote products and services. The most successful POS displays are perfectly placed and have a strong ‘act now' message to prompt customers to find out more or make a purchase.

With all stores having their own business peak seasons, making stores look great in time to take advantage of the additional shoppers requires months of planning behind every window or in-store display you see. When thinking about your next display update, you need to think about three things: your products, your customers and your sales.

PRODUCT - Assentuate your products best features and eye-grabbing qualities.
CUSTOMERS - Don't make them work for it, put products in easy to see and find locations with all the information available.
SALES - Watch sales roll in and your team needing to restock often.

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Window Displays

Did you know an informative window display can boost sales by 42% according to IPW1 Proper Printing

Windows are your first visual point of contact for your customers. A large majority of us are visual learners, so having an eye-catching window display will naturally draw their attention and heavily influence their decision to enter your store.

  • Use on-brand colours to highlight WHY you are worth looking at
  • Use props to create levels of intrigue - mannequins, boxes, mixed textured, backdrops, window stickers
  • Keep your windows clean - Passersby will take no notice or actively avoid grimy, dark shop fronts (unless that IS your brand)

Utilise your window merchandising space as a way of implementing change, whether that be with your product line or the seasons.

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Directional Signage

Directional and wayfinding signage in stores should be easily visible and highlight key areas in your store from new product ranges, tills, customer services, changing rooms etc.

If you are able, suspending posters and displays is a great solution as they can be seen instantly upon entering your shop. Alternatively, floor stickers are a fantastic and completely customisable solution to guide shoppers around!

  • Use enticing wording - 'New' or, 'Sale' will always work well, or use simple arrows.
  • Visual cues like colour matching or signage to the product range being merchandised.
  • When directional signage is used well, customers can freely roam around your store which often leads to impulse purchases.
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Update Your Theme

If you've got your marketing hat on, you will know to change your store with the seasons, or even every month to make the most of a special holiday that your brand and product range can capture.

If your in fashion you need to keep up with the seasons and colours in the spotlight, if its books, what are the readers currently raving about? Selling tools and hardware? Spring is the season for fresh paint and decorations, or works-people looking for the latest power drill. Restaurants and Cafes will change their menus to suit the seasonal foods and flavours.

This works for enticing new customers, and keeping returning customers interested and engaged.

  • Keep customers interested and engaged with your brand and products
  • Create exciting areas in your store or decorative additions
  • Branding can remain consistent but the theme can change!

You should also consider the materials you are using. Different materials can evoke different feelings from customers pending what they are looking for. Wooden products and wall mounted chalk boards usually convey a rustic style, and are often used in businesses such as cafes and restaurants, while plastics, acrylic poster holders and metal displays like printed ACM are often used to convey modernity in businesses, offices, estate agencies, fashion stores and corporate services.

Lightboxes and Illuminated Displays


Make Shopping An Experience

Customers want an experience when they shop, and sensory retail is now bigger than ever. Ever wondered why Hollister stores are notoriously dimly lit and enclosed, or how an IKEA is a big one-way home walking experience? People love to tell stories about their experience and how great it was.

Doing something different to make your store stand out doesn't need to be a bank breaker or require a lot of time and effort.

  • Create a memorable and pleasant atmosphere
  • Using music, aroma or dramatic lighting is proven to have a positive effect on sales
  • Invest in store merchandising like lightboxes, illuminated poster displays, under shelf lighting, a music system.
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Engage The Customer

Show them why they need your product. Be it an outfit on a mannequin, an interactive product display, the latest special edition release book - customers relate to products they can see in action, as well as in their own lives.

This process doesn't have to be overly complicated  or involve a big narrative, some of the most effective engagement strategies is to use what works; for example Red and Pink on Valentines Day, Orange and Black for Halloween, Dark Greens and Golds for Christmas.

Use colours, messaging and signs to evoke a range of emotions, from urgency, to sentimentality.

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Lightboxes and Illuminated Displays


Create Informative POS

As a customer, we hate getting pounced on the minute we walk in the door, we want to shop independently, but also, we're not very good at asking for help from sales assistants when needed.

If you are selling technical products, people are more likely to ask you questions, but you should still display as much information as possible with your product. Keep specifications, prices, store policies and promotions displayed on or near your product.

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Get Creative!

Unusual store window displays turn heads, and even small format printing can do the same. Many large retailers use props that have absolutely nothing to do with their product in their window displays because they know it will make people look twice.

We are naturally drawn to the different, so using bright colours, unusual placements, funny quips and slogans are sure to get noticed.

Lightboxes and Illuminated Displays


Utilise All Of Your Space

Your advertising starts way before a customer enters your store. If you have pavement space - use it! Pavement signs are a proven tool for increasing your footfall.

Ceiling space as discussed earlier (Number #2), is great if you have the space, height and overall need for directional signage of this nature. Alternatively use the floor with custom printed floor stickers.

Whether it is opening times, contact details or a returns policy, use your wall space wisely. Display posters in snap frames for a clear, effective and professional point of information.

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Posted by Samantha on July 19th 2023

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