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Garden Centres & Outdoor Retail - Signage & Display

We've worked with many garden centres and plant nurseries over the years, producing seasonal display prints, as well as long-term site signage. We are able to offer a one-stop-shop that includes graphic design services, print and production, as well as local installation. We can ship UK-wide and internationally, so your business can look its best through all seasons, come rain or shine!

We know that specialist signs, POS, and other forms of display need to be custom to your brand, setting, and seasonality, so have created this handy blog to give you a snapshot of what we can offer to boost your outdoor-focused business. Any custom or highly bespoke signage we are also happy to discuss! Read on to find out about display options, small format printing, vehicle livery, seasonal displays and more!

Creating Solutions specialty is print & signage

We've been creating signage for over 20-years, and have amassed a brilliant staff team with over 30-years experience in the print, production and installation sector. Operating in Devon, the county famed for beautiful landscapes, scenery, and greenery, we understand your customers need to produce that same beauty at home, so have been expanding and developing our range of products for garden centres and retail nurseries to improve and add to your POS and signage. We are able to offer the hardware for point-of-sale displays, but specialise in the custom prints that go alongside these.

Signage for all seasons

Working in the outdoor sector, we understand that your business and products go through all weather fronts, and your point-of-sale signage and displays need to be able to do the same. Any product be it indoor or outdoor will come with a weatherproof rating, as well as a warranty or guarantee to cover its intended use. You may have outdoor areas, polytunnels, an indoor shopping area, as well as a cafe and customer amenities on site. Some areas of your business will go through monthly and seasonal changeovers, so your displays need to keep up!

Explore our blog now to see if any products are missing from your marketing arsenal, and please do not hesitate to contact us for product information, as well as no-obligation free quotations and artwork templates.


Cut Vinyl Adhesive Stickers for Plant Pots and Containers

Welcome your visitors into your business with custom printed and cut graphics on large containers or plant pots at your entrance!

Our cut vinyl sticker graphics are made of a hardwearing, high-performance and high-tack vinyl that can stand through all weather fronts, and is laminated for additional protection and colour vibrancy. These can be applied to any smooth, flat surface, and display messaging, branding or your logo like the image here (right). We can produce stickers in any colour, or custom print to your requirements. This type of vinyl has brilliant colour density and uses a solvent-free adhesive and has a 4-year durability rating making it perfect for long-term display indoors or outdoors.

High Tack Self Adhesive Vinyl Stickers


Aluminium Composite Board Signage

A favourite print board used for a large range of indoor and outdoor long-term signage.

Our ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) is a favourite for indoor and outdoor signage due to its longevity, budget-friendly pricing, and can be mounted to almost all surfaces. It is lightweight, and when teamed with a printed vinyl that is matt laminated, can last up to 7-years outdoors. We offer a Eco-Friendly 2-Year fully recyclable ACM option, as well as a Standard 5-Year, and 7-Year ACM to cover all time-frames for your display. We are also able to bend the material to create ACM Tray Signs for internal and external signage!

Washingpool Farm used ACM extensively across their site for wayfinding, signage and to display their business and the on-site cafes opening times. Click the image right, and far right below to read about their installations. Grove Nurseries have also used ACM throughout their Garden Centre, click on the image far left below to read about their custom ACM creations.

Aluminium Composite Material (ACM)

Directional Post Mounted Site Signage
Fence Mounted Wayfinding
Business Opening Times Gate Mounted


Eco-Friendly Short-Term Display and POS Boards

Perfect for seasonal changes for your bedding plants, POS displays and special offers. Our eco-friendly print medias are made for the those with a green thumb.

We wanted to make sure our eco-friendly print solutions rival their PVC counterparts, not only on print quality, but also on price! Triaprint Board to the naked eye feels and looks like plastic, but is an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to the use of foam PVC, foam board, and other rigid plastics for displays and graphic printing. Xanita Board is fast becoming a favourite for temporary POS displays and is made from a paper-faced cardboard that can be cut to make 3D shapes like these 'toblerone' style post displays (see right). Both can be used indoors and outdoors, so is perfect for your short-term polytunnel, seasonal displays, or POS stands.

Click the image right, to read about Xanita, its properties and all its signage and display possibilities!

Eco-Friendly Printing & Signage Materials

Triaprint Bedding Plant Header Panels
Eco-Friendly ACM Printed Header Board
Triaprint Internal Shelving Boards


Custom Site Signage for your Garden Centre

Need a bespoke solution that no on the shelf? No problem! We can create custom signage around your design brief and specifications.

From hanging signs to help with customer wayfinding, to custom printed boards over your bedding plants, or like you can see below, we also have the ability to create signage out of non-standard materials like wood and aged metals!

We can create signage and display solutions to suit all locations and design aspects, whilst fully taking on board your branding and vision. Speak with our dedicated team to help piece your signage solution together, and we can discuss materials, pricing, postage and installation with you.

Click the image far left below, to read about Grove Nurseries Custom Vinyl Polytunnel Archway Installation, and Symondsbury Estate's Custom Wooden Hanging Sign for Home&Garden Shop on the far right.

Need a Bespoke Solution? Contact Us

Custom Polytunnel Vinyl Archway
Custom Vinyl on Wooden Plank Sign
Wooden Hanging Sign for Symondsbury Estate


Getting your Garden Centre on the road!

24/7 Marketing potential and high visibility for your brand, vehicle wrapping and graphics should be part of your arsenal!

For any well-known local business, it’s important to keep company vehicles looking in premium condition. From Transit Vans, Company Cars to Fork Lifts and Trucks, anything on wheels that is visible to the public, will project a sense of familiarity and professionalism to your customer base. We can offer individual graphic application, to full printed wraps. We've also written a handy blog on how much vehicle graphics cost as well as loads of options available.

Click the image right to read about these foliage graphics for Ben Gooding Gardens, or any of the images below for their Case Study. We've worked with vehicles of all sizes, for all uses. You can also see our Vehicle Graphics Blogs for more design inspiration.

Vehicle Graphics, Wrapping & Livery

Vehicle Graphics for Little Groves Nursery
Vehicle Graphics for S.Lee Garden Services
Vehicle Graphics for Groves Gardening Centre


Retail POS Displays & Printing

We've gone through some of the larger display areas to consider, but now lets talk about your small format prints - the ones right in the customers eye-line.

Shelving strips are a perfect small advertising space to add some colour, messaging, or product discounts. We can print individual strips, or meters of it to cover a large area. These can be a permanent feature, or your designs can change with the season or product on display. If you have affiliations or partnerships with local producers, artists or goods creators, we can also provide the signage and display to mark out their space.

POS Display Hardware & Poster Printing - We offer a great range of POS display hardware, as well as poster printing, or rigid media printed to be displayed outdoors. You can buy one-off's, or in bulk.

Price Holders, Swing Tags & Hang Tabs - Looking for POS accessories and the small essentials? We can source these for you at great prices. We can custom print sale hangers and tags, or produce a standard template for these. We're also able to create these in sticker format if your placing them on posts, individual items or as easy scan barcodes at the till.

Our small format printing is completely customisable to your brief, so we offer a free no-obligation quotation service. Need a hand with your designs? Use our skilled in-house Design Team to help get your ideas onto paper. You can click the link below to get in touch easily.

Click on the image (right) to read about our custom-created gift stands for Groves Nursery & Garden Centre!

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Custom Shelving Strip Print with Product Labels
Bulk Printing over 50m of Shelving Strips
Partnership Print Boards for your Suppliers


Seasonal Displays

We've gone through some of the larger display areas to consider, but now lets talk about your small format prints - the ones right in the customers eye-line.

Seasonal Displays for your Garden Centre - We produced hanging baubles for Otter Garden Centre (right) to hang above their Christmas section, these were printed double sided on Xanita Cardboard, and can easily be stored or recycled. We are able to offer this type of display in any shape and design for Easter, Spring bulbs, Summer Specials, Autumn Vegetables, and any other promotional season you have!

Brochures & Catalogues - We have done many branded brochures for estates, as well as product catalogs. These brochures can display seasonal goods, hampers, pre-order items, or simply advertise your product range. Check out this custom designed brochure for Forde Abbey Gardens.

Have a Cafe on site? What about getting branded Coffee Stencils? We're able to source and cut food-grade stainless steel with your logo. The small things all add to the customer experience, and you can even get seasonal ones. Pumpkin Spiced Latte with a Pumpkin cut-out, Christmas Holly for your Mint Mocha?

Our small format printing is completely customisable to your brief, so we offer a free no-obligation quotation service. Need a hand with your designs? Use our skilled in-house Design Team to help get your ideas onto paper. You can click the link below to get in touch easily.

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Christmas Display for Groves Garden Centre
Custom Printed Baubles for Otter Garden Centre
Bespoke Coffee Stencils for Symondsbury Estate

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Need to discuss your Garden Centre, Plant Nursery or Outdoor Retail signage, design or display? Get in touch via our contact us page to discuss and talk about your project. We have worked with many clients both private and for business to produce small and large-scale solutions. Our expert Quotations Team, in-house Design Team, and Installations Team are all on-hand to provide information and assistance.

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