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Pavement Signs and A Boards

Pavement Signs, A Boards, Forecourt Signs & Swing Signs for all your retail display needs

Use a pavement sign or A board and make people take notice of your business. Our range of Pavement Signs includes A boards or A frames, Swing Boards, chalkboards, forecourt signs, sandwich signs and roadside promoters, all with permanent or changeable graphics. All of our pavement signs are sold with printed graphics included unless otherwise stated on the product page. We stock a huge amount of pavement signs in-house, meaning we can get your sign board out to you as fast as possible.

To upload your artwork, order your product online and then use the 'artwork upload' tab in the top menu bar to submit it to our design team. They will be in contact should there be any issues with your artwork, and will always send you a proof before going to print, meaning you can rest assured your product will print perfectly!

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  • High impact pavement sign
  • Lightweight portable design
  • Easy set up, excellent stability
  • 30% larger than Ecoflex
  • Top selling pavement sign
  • 460mm x 818mm display area
  • Assembly in seconds
  • Custom printed panel

  • Changeable panel flaps
  • Easy to erect/dismantle
  • Full colour double sided graphics
  • A2 pavement sign with printed graphics
  • Printed graphics both sides
  • Will not blow over

  • Heavy duty rotating steel sign
  • Weather resistant
  • 11 vibrant colours
  • Speed controller included
  • Full colour waterproof posters
  • UV protected
  • Perfect for inserting in to A Boards and Pavement Signs

  • Popular budget A Board
  • Aluminium frame
  • Snap-click frame
  • Posters fitted inside
  • Most popular A Board
  • D shaped header panel
  • Magnetically held posters
  • Quick and easy change

  • A2 size high impact sign
  • Top swinging pavement sign
  • Easy poster change
  • Heavy duty PVC base
  • 20"x 30" street advertising sign
  • Easy poster change
  • Top swinging
  • Heavy duty PVC base

  • A1 size high impact
  • Easy poster change facility
  • Rounded corners 
  • Rugged, heavy duty PVC base
  • Aluminium frame and legs
  • Hinged locking arm
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy poster change

  • Aluminium wood effect frame
  • Easy poster change
  • Range of frame options
  • British made
  • Tubular A-Board
  • Acrylic cover held by magnets
  • Available in 11 colours
  • Optional wheels

  • 11 colours available
  • Rounded corners for safety
  • Optional wheels
  • Available with graphics
  • Superb high quality A Board
  • D-Shaped Header Panel with company details
  • 11 colours

  • Large display panel
  • No tools to set up
  • Full colour printed panels
  • Black or white frame
  • 20" x 30" high impact advertising sign
  • Permanent graphics both sides
  • Water-filled wheeled base

  • Traditional steel A-Board
  • Aluminium printed panel
  • Lightweight, sturdy
  • Rounded corners
  • Entry level advertising A Board
  • Graphics applied both sides
  • Carry handles
  • Lightweight acrylic finish

  • Practical, folding tubular frame
  • Top swinging frame
  • Will not blow over
  • 11 colours available
  • Popular, practical pavement sign
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Display panel flaps in wind

  • Chalk A Board with curved top
  • Two fixed chalk boards giving you 2 messages
  • Redwood frame
  • Chalk A Board with square top
  • Frame has 2 finishes
  • Two fixed chalk boards giving you 2 messages

  • Curved top & steel frame
  • Dark green frame
  • Two fixed chalk boards
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • Robust chalk pavement sign
  • Chalk board both sides
  • Printed graphic panel with your branding

  • Competitvely priced 
  • Budget chalk A Board
  • Folds flat
  • HPL chalk board both sides
  • Budget A Board
  • Fitted with 2 x removable chalk boards
  • Snap click rails for easy change

  • Steel A Board with D Shaped Header Panel
  • 2 x removable chalk boards
  • Easy message change
  • Popular chalk A Board
  • Curved top
  • 2 x reversible boards giving you 4 messages

  • 2 x reversible chalkboards giving you 4 messages
  • Square top
  • Frame has various finishes
  • Instant message change
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Self-levelling feet
  • Reversible chalk boards

  • Softwood frame w/teak stain
  • Instant message change
  • Two reversible boards
  • 5 year warranty
  • Large format pavement sign
  • Rollable, water fillable base
  • Ideal for forecourts, car parks & retail outlets

  • Popular large format sign
  • Snap click frame
  • Wheeled, water fillable base
  • Strong and sturdy sign
  • Superb stability
  • Quick and easy poster change
  • Water fillable base with wheels
  • Full colour graphics both sides

  • Pivoting poster frame
  • Weighted base
  • Snap click frame for easy poster change
  • Double sided heavy duty forecourt sign
  • Ideal to create a large presence
  • Snap click frame

  • Easy to use 
  • Temporary roadside signage
  • Push in to ground
  • Slot in poster change
  • Strong, durable sign frame
  • Push in to the ground
  • Ideal for use on verges
  • Frame comes black or white

  • Portable, durable A Frame Sign
  • Available with or without printed panels
  • Folds flat for storage
  • High visibility portable sign
  • Temporary directional signage
  • Quick assembly
  • Minimal storage space

  • High visibility portable A Board
  • Water fillable base
  • 1 year warranty
  • Replacement acrylic covers for use with pavement signs
  • Range of sizes to suit all range of pavement signs

  • Suitable for Ecoflex, EcoSwinger, Swinger 2000 & Swinger 3000 Pavement Signs
  • Additional printed panel
  • Replacement swinger panels
  • Panel includes border and clear acrylic magnetic flaps on both sides

  • Ideal for indoor use or short term use on outdoor chalk boards
  • Ideal for indoor use or short term use on outdoor chalk boards

Finding the right Pavement Sign/ A-Board for you

We have put together a range of pavement signs designed with you in mind. All of our pavement signs are made to a high quality, portraying your business in the best light possible. Pavement signs are designed to market your business and create maximum impact, therefore it's important to have a clear target in mind when choosing. We provide swinger pavement signs designed to utilise the wind, A boards in a huge variety of materials, colours and finishes as well as other alternatives such as chalk boards. All of our sandwich signs include full colour printing, and can be bought as either permanent graphics or changeable graphics depending on your requirements. The Eco Swinger and the Ecoflex Pavement sign series are our most popular pavement signs, likely due to their fantastic pricing and high visibility. 

Pavement Signs

Pavement Signs 

Pavement signs, sandwich boards or swing boards are a tried and tested method of capturing customer attention and drawing them in to a store. We have a range of pavement signs with permanent or changeable graphics depending on your requirements. Design services are also available. 

View Changeable Graphic Pavement Signs  >>       View Fixed Graphic Pavement Signs >>


Chalk A-Boards

Chalk boards tend to be a popular choice with cafes, pubs and restaurants where the message is changed regularly, and has a certain personal feel to it. You can create your own message with chalk pens or have chalk graphics printed for you. They are available with permanent or changeable graphics.

View Changeable Graphic Chalkboards >>                     View Fixed Graphic Chalkboards >>

Forecourt Signs

Forecourt Signs

Forecourt signs are a more permanent alternative to pavement signs or a-board, and tend to be weightier and more sturdy. Forecourt signs have changeable graphics, meaning the message or promotion can be changed regularly and strategically positioned to attract customers. 

                                                                                                                                         View Forecourt Signs >>

Roadside Promoter

Roadside Promoters

Roadside promoters are inexpensive products designed for temporary or one-off sign solutions. We have an array of roadside promoters, many are simply pushed in to the ground at the desired location.

                                                                                                                                   View Roadside Promoters >>


A-boards are essentially two advertising boards that are joined at the top which spread out and are held that way by a strut that spans between the two boards. In profile view it looks like the letter ‘A’.  A-boards can be used can be used inside or outdoors. (Weather resistant options are available).  Within our selection of A-boards you will find different coloured frames, with different finishes to choose from. Some sit directly on the ground, others have ‘feet.’ Our Booster A-boards have a D shaped section on the top of the A-board – you can have your logo here, or you could attach a literature dispenser, so that passes by can pick up a leaflet.

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