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Social Distancing Anti-Slip Floor Stickers for Queen Mary’s College Sports Centre


Queen Mary’s College can proudly say they have one of the finest sports centres in any Sixth Form College in the country.

Found on the Queen Mary’s campus, this state-of-the-art leisure facility is a friendly and inclusive hub for both the college and the local community to get involved in physical activity.

The centre offers a vast range of facilities; a fitness suite, a 23m swimming pool, a fitness studio, sports hall, gymnasium, a sand-based astro pitch and a 3G football pitch. Whatever your sporting passion, Queen Mary’s can almost certainly cater for it.


The client contacted Creative Solutions about the prospect of designing and printing a large quantity of anti-slip floor stickers to be used in key areas of the sports centre.

Creative Solutions have been providing printed anti-slip floor stickers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As lockdown guidelines have eased in recent months—and people have been granted more access to public buildings—we have been supplying and installing them in hospitals, schools, businesses and community facilities throughout Somerset. 

These high-quality printed stickers can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments; their durable, non-slip texture makes them perfect for a civic building like a sports centre. They are a safe, practical method of promoting social distancing in a public setting.

So that our customers can select the right product, we have categorized the stickers into key groups. This advises the client what anti-slip ‘R’ rating sticker they will be receiving and whether it’s suitable for their needs. 

For Queen Mary’s College sports centre, with a high volume of foot traffic and public safety absolutely essential, an R12-rated anti-slip sticker was the only option.


We provided the client with five different anti-slip floor sticker designs, each with a different instruction or visual graphic to help facilitate social distancing. As well as the 300mm diameter stickers, displaying either written guidelines or a ‘stand here’ footprint graphic, Creative Solutions also supplied a 900 x 100mm ‘Please wait behind this line’ printed strip.

Each of the stickers used a visually impactful blue and white colour scheme, which made the relevant information and symbols easy to read for sports centre visitors and staff. 

As agreed with the client, each sticker was supplied with an R12 slip rating—perfect for short-term use in both outdoor and indoor settings. Queen Mary’s College sports centre can now rest easy knowing they have the perfect social distancing signage in place, in order for them to operate safely in the months ahead.

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Posted on August 28th 2020

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