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Social Distancing Signage for Lyme Regis Town Council


As an ancient sea town featured in the Domesday Book, visitors to Lyme Regis will experience a heady mix of breathtaking scenery and intriguing local history. With its world-famous Cobb and harbour, set against the backdrop of the iconic clay and limestone cliffs, Lyme Regis is a hugely popular tourist destination and home to numerous historical landmarks and educational attractions. 

 For the amateur paleontologists out there, the cliffs at Lyme Regis are home to some stunning fossil examples, some of which show evidence of life on earth from the ancient Jurassic period of 180 million years ago. A truly unique and fascinating place to visit.


The COVID-19 has been an immensely challenging experience for all sectors of society in the UK and across the globe; families, businesses, councils and governments have all been forced to adapt and radically change how they function, while everyone adheres to the social distancing measures put into effect in March. 

As the lockdown rules have eased in the last couple of weeks, and life regains some form of normality, it’s important that these safe practices are still followed as the country tries to get back on its feet. Lyme Regis Town Council, knowing that more individuals would be frequenting the beach and harborside in the coming months, understood that they would need to install the necessary visual communications to ensure the public were kept safe and would continue to follow social distancing protocol.

To tackle these types of challenges, Creative Solutions have created a brand-new range of products to help business and administrations implement safe practice. We have compiled a selection of print, signs and display products with the primary intention of protecting the public. While businesses and services slowly begin to reopen, they can take comfort knowing that Creative Solutions can provide all the essential products to maintain social distancing and hygiene measures.

With this in mind, it was Lyme Regis Town Council who contacted us, looking for some high-quality social distancing signs to install along the beach and in those areas where people might be tempted to congregate, reminding them of the two-meter separation guidelines. Crucially, the signs needed to be eye-catching and easily readable.


We supplied the client with round 500mm diameter signs. Working from the brief provided by Lyme Regis Town Council, our in-house studio designed the print-ready artwork, which included a simple diagram of two individuals and the advised distancing measures, along with some bold, clear safety information. We also used the town’s crest to ensure the signage was unique for the area. 

Bright yellow was an obvious choice colourwise, for its high impact and visual properties. Lyme Regis Town Council were very happy with the product and reports suggest that the signage has been extremely effective.

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Posted on June 18th 2020

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