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Social Distancing Signage For Cavanna Group


Cavanna Homes have been trading as a family-run construction firm since 1923. With nearly a hundred years of experience in the industry, Cavanna have established themselves as the largest independent house builders in the South West. 

While they have undergone significant growth in that period, Cavanna Homes’ objectives have remained clear: to build high-quality properties that their customers can proudly call home.


The Cavanna Group, a long-term client of Creative Solutions, got in touch with us looking to take advantage of our recently launched Social Distancing (COVID) Range which has been assisting businesses since the outbreak of the CoronaVirus pandemic in March.

Specifically, the client wanted a series of anti-slip vinyl arrows which would help with the flow of foot traffic in their Torquay offices. Also, to promote social distancing and to act as protective, anti-germ-spreading screens within the offices, Cavanna were looking for a range of printed and branded aluminum composite material ACM panels—in various sizes and dimensions. Finally, the client wanted a free-standing hand sanitizer station, to ensure safe and hygienic practice among staff and customers.

With the relative easing of lockdown measures, businesses are starting to open their doors again. What’s crucial at this potentially risky stage of the pandemic, is that companies continue to follow the necessary directives to safeguard the health and well-being of employees and the general public.

Cavanna are one of many local businesses taking responsibility and looking for ways to keep their staff and customers safe. They appreciate that it is their responsibility to minimize the potential risks wherever they can and these COVID-19 products for businesses go a long way in helping them do that.


We provided the client with 40 anti-slip vinyl directional arrows which would be applied to the floor in Cavanna’s Torquay offices. The Creative Solutions design studio produced customised artwork for the fully-printed vinyl stickers, following the client’s brand guidelines. The two-tone blue colour scheme used was consistent with their existing company graphics—as seen with the high-quality building site signs we supplied for Cavanna earlier in the year.

The client was also provided with a white free-standing hand sanitiser station, which includes an adjustable poster frame—meaning that the important display information can be updated and changed whenever necessary. The overall height of the unit is 1400mm with a 500mm diameter base. Most importantly, the station is easy to sanitize.

Finally for the client, we supplied a range of printed aluminum composite material (ACM) panels which would be positioned around the office. These are the perfect solution for social distancing in a business environment. They also act as screen protectors and help stop the spreading of germs among employees and customers. They’re easy-wipe and highly durable. Once again following their brand guidelines, the product was printed with Cavanna’s company logo— which includes the very recognizable seahorse graphic.

The client was delighted with the products and can now continue operating knowing they’re doing all they can to facilitate a safe working environment. Creative Solutions delivered and installed each item on time.

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Posted on July 21st 2020

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