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Outdoor Signage for Wirral Foodbank


Based in Merseyside, Wirral Foodbank is a volunteer-run charity that provides emergency foodstuffs to local people in crisis. Since being founded in November 2011, they have managed to feed and support 47,234 local residents—16,887 of which have been children.  

Wirral Foodbank believes in the basic human principle that no community should be without food. In turn, they aim to provide three days’ worth of nutritionally-balanced emergency food and support to local people in need. They are part of a nationwide network of foodbanks, supported by The Trussell Trust, working hard to tackle poverty and hunger across the country.


Wirral Foodbank is a vital support network for many families in the Merseyside area. We were delighted, then, to hear from the charity recently about providing some outdoor signage for their local centre. We are always proud to offer our services to local community-based charities, and however we can lend our expertise to solve practical signage problems, Creative Solutions are happy to pitch in!  

The Foodbank were in need of a series of EXIT and OPEN signs for the external areas of the site; one of which needed to be wall-fixed, the others a selection of acrylic A-boards and full-colour printed ACM boards, which could be moved around the site as required.

Aluminium composite material is a great choice for external signage displays, thanks to its versatility of use and in-built practical properties. It’s rigid yet flexible design and waterproof qualities renders the sign 100% outdoor-ready; whatever the British weather has to throw at ACM signage, it will hold firm.

What’s more, our ACM signs can be custom-made to suit your exact needs. The signs can be cut to any dimension you require to fit its purpose, while being full-colour printed with any design, logo, or branded artwork you choose. The ultimate in versatile outdoor signage. Did we mention we can ship anywhere in the United Kingdom, AND Europe?


After finalizing the design with the client, we were able to supply Wirral Foodbank with a full-colour OPEN sign printed onto an aluminium composite material (ACM) board. The display was finished with a high-quality matte laminate and came with pre-drilled holes and fixings for easy installation. 

The simple green block font and direction arrow is highly-visible, thanks to its sharp print and bold colour scheme. The dark green against pristine white is a perfect choice for effective visual communication in a public setting. Visitors to the foodbank can see exactly where they need to go.

We also supplied the client with two budget white acrylic EXIT and OPEN A-board signs, both of which came with a high-quality matte laminated print. Once again, even on the lower end of the budget scale, the print is bold, clear and bursting with colour. These movable displays are a super addition to the site and perfectly fit for purpose. 

Wirral Foodbank were good enough to supply us with a series of photographs of the products in situ. Creative Solutions always appreciate when clients show us our signage in working action. It lets us know that the customer is happy with the service and that the products are functioning as intended. A great job, for a great community project.

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Posted on July 28th 2021

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