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Vehicle Graphics for Axminster Tools


South West-based Axminster Tools & Machinery cater for professional tradespersons and DIY hobbyists across the entire UK, Ireland and continental Europe. 

With over forty years of experience in the sector, this family-run business is a leading figure in the mail order tools and machinery industry thanks to their outstanding service and extensive range of high-quality products. 


Axminster Tools are a vital part of the Devon community, and it’s important for us to be able to offer our services to these pillars of local business. Indeed, we’ve managed to form a strong working relationship with the tool merchant of the years. In recent months, we’ve overseen the design elements of a nationwide rebranding initiative. We’ve installed large external trough light signs at some of their many retail outlets, provided in-store displays and point of sale signage, and a variety of vehicle graphics for their ever-growing fleet.

For a local tool company that is always looking to expand and evolve, it makes for a much simpler process if all these design elements can be completed under one roof. Axminster Tools know exactly the quality of product and service they’ll be receiving from Creative Solutions. Whatever the brief, whatever the product, they know they’ll be receiving the gold standard!

On this occasion, Axminster Tools were looking for some high-quality vehicle graphics for their company Peugeot Boxer van. The artwork for the van needed to align perfectly with the firm’s rebranding drive—in terms of colour and design choices—while delivering a strong, professional image of the company. The vehicle would be in regular use, so it was fundamental that the graphics projected a sense of quality to potential customers.


After receiving a PDF from Axminster Tools, outlining the design elements and branding details of the artwork, we got to work creating a proof for the client. After this had been greenlit, we were able to supply the client with printed vehicle graphics for their company Peugeot Boxer van.

The full-colour graphics, including the updated company logo, were applied to both sides of the van, while the website address was printed to the back doors and the bonnet. The design also featured a stylised red wooden-effect that would be applied to both rear-side panels. This provides an interesting flourish to the van and is aesthetically consistent with the nature of the tool business. All the graphics were then finished with a matte laminate for that extra dose of visual impact.

Thanks to the quality of the vinyl, the detail of the print is stunning. The sharpness of the logo, the grain in the wood-effect artwork, the precise cut of the text—all combine to create a professional-looking company vehicle.

As with all these latest rebranding projects we’ve been involved in with Axminster Tools, the client was delighted with the results. The graphics harmonize perfectly with the other vehicles in the fleet, keeping the branding throughline consistent. We’re very much looking forward to our next project with Axminster!

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Posted on July 23rd 2021

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