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Frosted Privacy Vinyl Installation for Private Client


Frosted Privacy Vinyl Installation for Private Client


Private Client

Having a wonderful sun-lit decked balcony is a superb feature in a home - prying eyes and easy visibility though make it hard to enjoy the space in a built-up area. By adding a simply frosted vinyl, the space can become much more exclusive and enjoyable without breaking the bank or blocking out the sunshine.

In this instance, the client had a wonderful lodge and garden area that is becoming a rentable holiday location on their property. The client was incredibly aware both the family and the holidaymakers would like some privacy without prying eyes, and so decided to have a custom frosted vinyl installed on the panels at the end of their home so both parties can enjoy their space.

BEFORE - Frosted Vinyl Installation on glass balcony panes for privacy
BEFORE - Frosted Vinyl Installation on glass balcony panes for privacy


Frosted Privacy Vinyl

Wanting to make the most out of your home's redeeming features like this glass surround balcony is one of the perks of living in a beautiful county like Devon. For these homeowners they had created a wonderful lodge on their property for holidaymakers to enjoy, however, this raised location did not leave much privacy for either party to enjoy their spaces of rest and recuperation.

Products like tinted films, semi-translucent vinyl graphics, and opaque vinyl applications allow both professional working environments and domestic settings such as this to create areas for privacy without the need to install walls or built-up barriers that block light and enclose spaces.

At Creative we are Devon-based specialists in vinyl graphics, installation and printing. We have worked with many private clients and businesses across the South West to create printed frosted vinyl design pieces like these meeting room frosted etched vinyl pieces for ACI Ltd or these custom window vinyls for 14 Miles East.

In the domestic setting tinted or frosted vinyl allows for privacy on road-facing windows, bathroom windows, balcony areas and windows near high-traffic areas. Our shelves are filled with rolls of vinyl in every finish to allow you the most flexibility and design options to create something perfect for your space. You can choose the level of opacity, colour and finish of your vinyl, as well as the option to have custom-cut shapes like these decorative floral window graphics for Groves Nurseries or printed with a design of your choice.

Frosted Window Film Application to Balcony Glass Panes
Heat Treating freshly applied window film to remove bubbles and seal adhesive
Finished frosted window film application on glass balcony


Window Frosted Vinyl Films

For window and glass frosted vinyl applications, we use the state-of-the-art Metamark Frost vinyl film range.  This application in particular uses an opal-etched glass effect vinyl ideal for glass manifestation. This self-adhesive frosted glass window film provides a striking effect whether decal-cut or printed.

If you are looking to include frosted, etched, mirror-finish or opaque types of vinyl in either a domestic or business setting, please do get in touch to enquire about our range! We are able to send samples before a large installation, as well as offer artwork services for custom prints and shapes.

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Posted by Samantha on April 17th 2023

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