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Trailer Branding and Advertising for Sally’s Fish Camp


Established in 2017, Sally’s Fish Camp began life as a shellfish delivery service; freshly-caught produce would be presented in handmade wooden crates of ice and delivered on beaches and in dining rooms all along the Dorset & Hampshire coast. Now, Sally’s Fish Camp has transformed into a collaborative and exciting seafood prepping workshop. These events can take place either in your home or at selected venues across the region.

Fun is the key to the success of these workshops. Sally’s aim is to provide entertainment, advice—as well as sharing her passion for local, fresh and sustainably-caught seafood off the Dorset coast.

If you’re a lover of seafood, as well as the hugely popular workshops, there are numerous events, pop-ups and supper clubs to get involved in.


Sally’s Fish Camp were on the search for some branded vehicle graphics for the company’s large exhibition trailer—they contacted Creative Solutions to see how we might help. 

A professionally branded trailer is an extremely effective marketing and advertising tool for an operation like Sally’s Fish Camp. This large trailer is towed to seafood exhibitions and events all over the region with a huge potential for exposure to potential clients. It’s vital that Sally’s brand is distinct and engaging; a mixture of high-quality, high-impact graphics and clearly presented information. 

Creative Solutions have years of experience in creating effective branding for companies—as well as a design team highly skilled in producing stunning vehicle graphics—so this was just the job for us.


The client provided us with vector files of the company’s artwork and graphics, which we could use to create a layout for the trailer. This consisted of the Sally’s Fish Camp logo, with the iconic shellfish design and bold type lettering. Also included in the artwork was large crab and lobster graphics, and all the relevant company information.

The outside of the trailer was coated in a stunning blue vinyl wrap which covered all the flat surfaces. The wrap was installed in sections on both sides of the trailer, the drops, as well as the small overlap joins on the panels which would save costs. For the internal areas, we created a tile-effect print which would cover the back and side walls, and the sections above the door. 

Also for the internal areas, we used matte white vinyl, specifically for use under the door and hatches.

The company logo and information, as well as the stunning lobster and crab designs were full-colour printed and applied to the blue vinyl wrap. For all the logos, shellfish graphics and text, we used a combination of pristine white gloss and mars red, which really stands out on the blue background. Finally, we used a 3mm Dibond brushed copper finish for the inside of the roof which carries a 3-year guarantee.

All aspects of this project were completed at the Creative Solutions design studio in one day. The client was delighted with the turnaround time, and the quality of work provided.

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Posted on September 30th 2020

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