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Vehicle Graphics For Baboo Gelato


Vehicle Graphics for Baboo Gelato's VW Crafter

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Baboo Gelato

It’s been five years since Annie Hanbury founded Baboo Gelato.  Fuelled by a love for creating tasty and memorable ice cream flavours—making use of the bounty of ripe fruit growing near her Dorset home—Annie is well-known as an exciting and gifted frozen dessert maker. Word of her talent has spread throughout Devon, the South West and beyond—making Baboo Gelato one of the most renowned independent ice cream brands in the region.

Each batch of Baboo’s artisanal ice cream is lovingly prepared from scratch at their Bridport, Devon premises. The hugely popular product is made using fresh, perfectly ripened fruit and local organic milk. Customers travel from all over the country to sample Baboo’s intense, natural-flavoured ice creams. Visitors to the shop can try scoops, tubs, or their famous chocolate-coated ice cream bites simply called ‘Baboos’.


VW Crafter Wrapping

We’ve been working with Baboo Gelato for a number of years now, so we were delighted when Annie got in contact again about another exciting design project. From pavement signs to flavour menus—even a vinyl wrap for an in-shop freezer—we’ve supplied the client with a wide range of quality products over the years. 

The job in question on this occasion, was to take the existing vehicle graphics from their company Volkswagen Caddy—a project also completed by Creative Solutions—and adapt them for a new Volkswagen Crafter. 

Baboo Gelato have become a much-loved brand in the Dorset area; customers come from all over the land to sample their amazing product. Because of their strong branding, it was essential that these new vehicle graphics were consistent with their core identity. The fun and colourful bubble patterns with the iconic B; the classy and refined purple circular logo. All of these are important aesthetic features that needed to be included in the design. Customers will see the sign-written vehicle and instantly recognise the company.


High-Performance Vehicle Graphics

Using the company’s existing van artwork as a guide, we were able to supply the client with full-colour printed and cut vehicle graphics for their company VW Crafter, using MD5A white vinyl, with a laminate gloss finish. 

There were a number of design elements to consider. The multi-coloured ‘bubble’ pattern features heavily, giving the overall aesthetic of the van a vivid, playful feel—instantly familiar as the ‘Baboo’ brand. The company logo was adhered to the bonnet of the van; while the elegant dark purple company graphics were used for the side panels and the back doors of the vehicle. This signage, along with some contact information (also in dark purple) really catches the eye against the pristine white of the van. Each visual component of the van looks professional and engaging.

Another job well done for Baboo Gelato; they remain a very happy customer.

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Vehicle Graphics

Posted on July 31st 2020

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