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Exhibition Stand Buyers Guide

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Exhibition Stand Buyers Guide

An exhibition stand is an opportunity to showcase the very best of your company. It's a unique chance for potential customers to interact with your brand, so it's important to make sure you represent your company in a professional and positive way. 

There is a diverse range of products that you can use to fill your exhibition stand, here we've shortlisted the best options available to suit all stand sizes, budgets, and brand types.

What is an Exhibition Stand?

An exhibition stand, also known as a trade show booth or promotional  display, is a customised setup designed to showcase a company’s products, services, or brand at trade shows, exhibitions, or similar events. These stands are essential for businesses to attract attention, engage with potential customers, and create a memorable presence at such events. Exhibition stands can vary greatly in size, design, and complexity, ranging from simple table-top displays to elaborate, multi-faceted constructions.

An exhibition stand is an opportunity to showcase the very best of your company. It's a unique chance for potential customers to interact with your brand, so it's important to make sure you represent your company in a professional and positive way. 

Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand With Printed Graphic Panels
Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand With Seamless Printed Graphics & Branded Counters

Types of Exhibition Stand

Shell Scheme Stands

The most common and traditional exhibition stand is the Shell SchemeShell Scheme Stands are provided by the event organisers, these stands come with pre-built walls and basic structures, which businesses can then customise with their branding and displays. They normally are available in a range of sizes for you to book, from smaller 2x1's (2m x 1m) stands, all the way up to large 8x8's (8m x 8m) pending on the venue and their chosen layout.

Once only thought to be used in space-only stands, you can now find a whole range of fabric modular displays, linkable banner stands and pop up displays that fit within a shell scheme booth space.

Space-Only Stands

You can also find exhibition venues offering space-only stands, these will have a set footprint area, but no pre-fabricated walls for you to apply graphics to like shell schemes. As the exhibitor you can tailor these spaces completely within the show guidelines to show your branding, products and services off to the best of their ability.

Pop Up Display & Branded Event Counter
Modular Fabric Displays In Exhibition Stand With Branded Fabric Counter

Key Components of an Exhibition Stand

  • Graphics and Signage

Arguably the most important element of your stand! High-quality visuals are a must, be they shell scheme graphics, fabric displays, pop ups, banner stands, printed posters, or even promotional flags - these showcase the company’s branding and message.

  • Furniture

Tables with branded table cloths, chairs, counters, and literature display units to create an inviting space for attendees.

  • Lighting

Effective lighting to highlight products and create an attractive ambiance. This can be rented from the exhibition provider as part of your exhibition stand, or you can purchase lighting specific to your display type.

  • Technology

Interactive screens, video displays, and other tech elements to engage visitors.

  • Promotional Materials

Brochures, business cards, and other handouts to provide information to potential clients. 

Fabric Display Stand With Printed Brochures & Business Cards
5mm Forex Rigid Shell Scheme Graphics With Modular Banner Stand Display

What should I have on my Exhibition Stand?

Now you know what an exhibition stand is, the forms it can take and the main components that make it - lets explore a range of great solutions you can use to make your next exhibition stand be a real showstopper!

These solutions cover all stand sizes, as well as budgets and business type. Each can be customised with your branding and message for your next event, with options for replacement graphics so you can save on hardware, as well as modular displays so you can tailor its layout for any future exhibition stand size you book!

Shell Scheme Graphics For Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Shell Scheme Graphics

Shell Scheme Graphics are by far the most popular and cost-effective means of dressing your exhibition stand. They are made to measure, highly transportable, and offer quick and easily application to both new and seasoned exhibitors. Each panel fixes directly to the shell scheme walls with either velcro or magnetic tape creating a large branded display wall.

At Creative Solutions, we offer a range of high-quality shell scheme graphics to elevate your exhibition stand including rollable panels as well as rigid board displays. We now also offer PVC-free and recyclable exhibition stand graphics for those looking for a greener display.

Made To Measure Floor To Ceiling Graphics 

Easy & Quick To Set Up & Pack Away

Full-Colour, High Resolution Printing

Supplied With Velcro or Magnetic Tape Fixings & Optional Shell Clad Clips

Fabric Exhibition Display Stands

Fabric Displays

Fabric Exhibition Displays are taking the trade show scene by storm. The display consists of a lightweight aluminium tube system with support feet, and a double-sided printed fabric skin which stretches over the framework like a giant sock. Stands come in all sizes and some eye-catching shapes to give your display dimension.

These can fit neatly within a shell scheme stand foot print, and be used for stand-only spaces. By combining multiple stands, your display can become completely modular and used more easily for future event set-ups where you may book a different stand size. The range is further enhanced with a  large variety of complimentary accessories including lighting, shelving units and TV monitor stands, has its green credentials for being made from recyclable aluminium, steel and fabric, as well as offers 2 displays for the price of one with double-sided dye-sublimation printing.

Modular & Highly Reusable When Attending Different Exhibitions

High-Resolution Double-Sided Fabric Printing

Great Range Of Accessories, Lighting & Connectors

Green Credentials - Fully Recyclable Parts & Replacement Graphics

Linkable & Single Banner Stand Displays

Banner Stands

An enduring favourite at exhibitions and trade shows across the UK, banner stands are a tried and trusted method of cleanly and effectively displaying brand messaging, services, products, special offers and more. The printed graphic is spooled around a system that sits within the base of the banner stand which is pulled up and attached to a pole system also connected to the base. This makes banner stands highly portable, and replacement graphics can also be purchased to refresh messaging and branded displays.

There is a banner stand model and size out their for every budget and exhibition stand size, with new modular and linkable banner stands offering as much flexibility and cost-effectiveness as other modular systems.

Compact & Highly Portable In A Range Of Display Widths

Linkable Options Available To Create Seamless Display Walls

Banner Stand Models To Suit All Budgets & Requirements

Reusable With Replacement Graphics

Pop Up Display Stands

Pop Up Displays

Pop Up Displays are bound to get you noticed with their tall and seamless graphics. The aluminium scissor-system is easily erected in seconds, with straight and curved options in all sizes from 3m x 1m, to whopping 6meter+ systems. Graphics can be made from rollable pvc or pvc-free panels than connect to the frame with magnetic tape, with new options including large fabric graphics that connect with a series of clips sewn into the fabric edge. The result is an impressive promotional display that can be transported with ease, making it a cost effective solution if you attend many exhibitions.

Fantastic for larger exhibition stands or space-only, pop ups offer a large free-standing display that can easily back down and all fit within a holdall bag - normally supplied with the kit. You can also embellish pop ups easily with TV brackets that fit neatly into the framework, lighting, or upgrade to a pop up bundle which includes lighting as well as a branded case which doubles as an event counter.

Great Range Of Sizes For Both Height & Width

Budget-Friendly With Loads Of Add-Ons & Accessories

Kits & Bundles Include Lighting & Convertible Case To Counter

Replacement Graphics For Any Model Available

Printed Tablecloths

Printed Tableclothes & Toppers

From corporate events, to exhibitions and trade shows, transform any plain table into an impactful, branded presence. When utilising trestle tables and other counters on your exhibition stand, make sure all key interaction areas are branded for a unified and conductive space to best talk about your business. By extending the effort put into your main stand graphics, these small features help tie your stand together and make it highly approachable and professional.

We can offer a range of standard stretch-fit tablecloths, as well as table runners and table toppers. You can also use these to hide away any storage boxes underneath tables with spare merch and brochures keeping your stand clutter free and tidy.

Expertly Printed With Your Branding & Colours

Free Form Or Stretch Fit Fabrics

Hides Under Table Storage Boxes, Spare Merch & Staff Belongings

Made To Measure Or Standard 6ft Trestle Table Sizes

Exhibition Counters & Plinths


With the primary aim of increasing brand awareness and enticing customers to your stand, having a printed counter or plinth on your stand is a great way of filling floor space and making your exhibition stand more inviting with a central place to chat, put a laptop or digital display, or place brochures and business cards.

With the added advantage of being set up and broken down with ease, counters and plinths are a great addition to any stand. You can now find set counters, or case to counter convertibles that double as a transport case for exhibition graphics and hardware!

Models To Suit All Budgets & Exhibition Stand Sizes

Acts As Focal Point For Display & Conversation

Convertible Case To Counter Options

Replacement Graphics For Any Model Available

Brochure Stands & Literature Racks For Exhibitions, Trade Shows & Events

Brochure Stands & Literature Racks

Literature racks or literature stands are well suited for exhibition stands or any retail environment. Our range of well designed literature racks are professional, unobtrusive displays for your brochures, magazines and printed media. 

They can be set up and taken down with considerable ease and in a matter of minutes.

Unobstructive Designs To Support Most A-Size Brochures & Leaflets

Lightweight & Foldable Designs For Easy Transport & Storage

Display Key Information & Business Information

Standard & Brandable Options Availalble

Promotional Material Printing - Brochures, Pamphlets, Flyers, Posters, Business Cards & More!

Brochures, Flyers, Posters & Business Cards

Being able to give your exhibition stand visitors something to take away with them for reference keeps your brand in their mind long after the event has finished.

Brochures displaying key services and products, flyers with special promotions or event attendee benefits on will act as a form of continued communication, and display easy access to your contact information, website and social media platforms.

We offer a full in-house design and print service for all small format print types, as well as finishing for any larger booklets or multi-page pamphlets.

We can send out paper samples for you to gauge colour and thickness or speak with our expert team who have years of experience printing branded materials for businesses across the UK.

Provide Material For Reference Long After The Exhibition Has Finished

Brochures, Pamphlets, Business Cards, Posters & More

High-Resolution Photography Reproduction & Full-Colour Printing

Bulk Orders = Bulk Discounts

Things to think about for your Exhibition Stand

When planning your exhibition stand, it's important to focus on what the end goal is. With many exhibitions costing a fee to exhibit, it is worthwhile committing the time to finding the right supplier with the right quality products. Customers are saturated with options of who's stand to look at, who to engage with and ultimately who to provide their business. Standing out from competitors with a great exhibition stand and strategy can make all the difference.

When browsing the internet for exhibition stands, keep focused on the quality of product as well as the price point. Of course it's integral to save money where possible, but the damage a poorly printed product can cause in reputation and loss leads can often outweigh the savings made. Look for quality products that work for your business, branding, and budget, and will stand the test of time.

For all your enquiries and exhibition stand needs, choose Creative Solutions. With over 25 years experience providing companies up and down the UK with high quality exhibition stand products, we are able to help design, print, install and take down your exhibition stand. Call us on 01297 630130, or email us at

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