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How Do I Make My Exhibition Booth Stand Out? | The Future Is Fabric!


How Do I Make My Exhibition Booth Stand Out? | The Future Is Fabric!


Booking Your Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand

Shell scheme is a term commonly used in the exhibition industry. It's the most common type of stand or booth that exhibitors are assigned when you book a space at an exhibition. Relatively new and upcoming is the concept of 'space-only' stands not confined by a framework row of booths, where an area is marked out for a completely freestanding space for your business.

When you've booked your stand, your event host will send you a load of documentation about your stand including dimensions, width and height restrictions, electrical points, lighting requirements and offers, as well as a map to where your stand is located in the exhibition or trade show hall.

Focusing on shell scheme booth formats, whilst basic in their nature, there is a lot that can be done to transform a shell scheme without spending too much! You want to utilise that space as best you can to attract customers in the seconds you may have, and also make a lasting impression for them to visit you again on their rounds, or contact your company after the event for more information on your products and services.

What Is A Shell Scheme? How Do You Make It Look Good?


Choosing Your Exhibition Stand

You are going to be loaded with questions about your stand and how best to organise the space you have booked. Like a jigsaw, every inch is going to need to be accounted for to maximise your branding and message potential to reach valuable passers-by and turn them into customers!

Like booking a plane seat, you would consider the benefits of being by the window or aisle, the distance from bathrooms, legroom and overhead storage, as well as the price of the seat, all adding to a pleasurable experience, and a high chance of flying with that airline again.

Exhibition Stand booking is much the same! You want to have a comfortable amount of space to conduct business and show off your products or service, be highly visible, have multiple opportunities to engage with passers-by with high-foot traffic, and be happy with the price paid for your location. Get out the exhibition site plan and think about the following:

Consider you exhibition stand budget - the bigger the space and the better positioned, the larger the cost.

Stand Pricing

Prime locations and larger stands will also be marked up for their high-demand, with smaller, more concealed stands being offered for less.

Consider how much Exhibition stand space you will need for your display, equipment, and team.

Stand Size

Choose stand size large enough to support your equipment, display pieces, merchandise and still leave room for discussions and an area for staff.

Explore the Exhibition map and find a stand that suits your purpose and has a high foot-traffic potential.

Stand Location

Is the booth on a main walkway or high-traffic route to a destination like a on-site restaurant, coffee stop, bathrooms or conference/demo or talk space?

Think about your stand vision and design, how many walls do you need to display your branding & message?

Stand Visibility

Do you want a corner booth with one backwall or two walls for an open front, or a 3 wall stand for an enclosed and personal customer experience?

Once you've determined this, you may be left with 1-2 rows of booths, with 4-5 'Great' stand options, and 1-3 'AMAZING' stand options. Talk amongst your team and decide the space you want and keep 1 stand for a back-up option. Make sure to book your stand as soon as possible so someone else doesn't snag your great find!

Explore Our Range Of Fabric Exhibition Stands!


How To Make Your Exhibition Stand, Stand Out!

We're in the market of helping businesses thrive at exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, POS locations and just about anywhere your brand will take you. With over 30 years experience in the field of large-format printing graphics, designing stand layouts, supplying additional hardware and accessories for your stand to make your job whilst there as easy as possible, we know a thing or two about WOW-factor.

The world of exhibition displays is changing rapidly to accommodate the need to be more eco-conscious, have a stand that's reusable at multiple events in your marketing calendar, doesn't break the bank, AND be highly portable.

This is where Fabric Shell Scheme Exhibition Stands are an all-new way of dressing a shell scheme space that doesn't require large and cumbersome rollable or rigid graphic panels, clips, or clunky cases to transport all your gear.

Reconfigurable, Modular & Highly Portable - The Ultimate Exhibition Display Solution!


The Future Is Fabric.

Our new range of fabric shell scheme kits and bundles can fit into both space-only stands as well as conventional shell scheme booths, you can now deploy a full stand set-up in minutes!

  • Fit within a Shell Scheme Stand
  • Portable, Modular Display Walls & Completely Reconfigurable
  • 5-7 Day Lead Time From Artwork Approval
  • Completely Freestanding - Doesn't Attach To Shell Scheme
  • High-Resolution Fabric Printing For Crisp Text & Imagery 
  • Bundle Options For Popular Shell Scheme Sizes
  • LED Lighting, Shelving & TV Mount Available
  • Perfect Number Of Connectors & Stability Feet Included
  • Lightweight With Most Kits Under 10kg
  • Double-Sided Printed, Washable Fabric Graphics As Standard
  • Completely Recyclable Aluminium & Polyester

These are just SOME of the amazing benefits from converting from cumbersome PVC rollable graphic panels that require additional velcro, clips, and large storage cases, and are normally only good for 1 event!

Explore Fabric Exhibition Stands

Fabric Exhibition Stands


What Fabric Exhibition Stands Are Available?

Our range of Fabric Exhibition Stands fit neatly within a range of shell scheme stand spaces including popular 3x33x24x4, and even larger 6x3  booths, with options available for 1, 2 or 3 wall stands. We currently have 13 bundle options available to buy right now!

This range takes our popular fabric tube display walls and makes them modular for seamless exhibition stand graphics in both space-only stand spaces and perfectly sized to fit within traditional shell scheme stands for easy set-up and re-usability.

The bundles offer a combination of wall sizes, as well as the connectors to join multiple stands into any configuration you need. Stability feet have been specially designed to include full feet for freestanding, solid displays, as well as half-feet to not invade your neighbour's stand when in a shell scheme booth setting. We've also included optional lighting for each bundle, with the perfect number of lights to illuminate your custom-printed graphics.


You can then add additional fabric tube walls to expand your display or make it fit different stand sizes and modular tube display accessories like additional connectors and different feet. We also offer specially created lighting for the fabric tube range which includes the specific clamp needed to fit the tube framework.

Any bundle includes all the parts needed for its specific stand size with connectors, feet, hardware and graphics all fitting in a hard-wearing holdall carry bag. Most bundles don't weight more than 10 kg so perfect for staff to transport and set-up solo!

There are also additional accessories available to deck out your stand with shelving units, a TV Mount and shelving combo piece!


How Much Does A Fabric Exhibition Stand Cost?

Intrigued, right? You may be working to a budget, and have been tasked with finding an exhibition solution that offers great value for money, is cost-effective and also easy to deploy. We like transparency , so lets talk numbers.

Here we've compared two of the most popular Exhibition Shell Scheme Solutions - the traditional rollable graphic panels with shell clad fixings for a seamless graphic display, and the 3x3 Fabric Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand as the new freestanding contender and future-proof display solution - the prices below are displayed as a guide only.

Traditional Rollable Shell Scheme Graphics VS Fabric Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand

3x3 Fabric Shell Scheme Stand

  • 3x3 Corner 3-Wall Stand
  • 3 x 3-Meter Frames & 3 x 3-Meter Graphics
  • Double-Sided Fabric Print (4 Potential Displays)
  • All Connector Clips & Stability Feet Included
  • Heavy Duty Holdall Carry Bag Included
  • Small Parcel Delivery
  • Modular, Portable & Reconfigurable
  • Polyester & Aluminium - ALL Recyclable

Approximate Cost: £1,650.00

Traditional Rollable Shell Scheme Graphics VS Fabric Shell Scheme Exhibition Stand

Traditional Rollable Shell Scheme Graphics

  • 3x3 Corner 3-Wall Stand
  • 9 Panels & Shell Clad Clip System
  • Single Use Specific Layout PVC Graphics
  • Stand Manufacturer Specific Shell-Clad Clip 
  • 3 Transport Drums (1 For Clips, 2 For Graphics)
  • Large Parcel Delivery Fee
  • Single Use Graphics & Fixings
  • Non-Recyclable PVC Graphics & Clips

Approximate Cost: £1,800.00


Fabric Displays For The Win!

So there you have it, the future is Fabric. We wholeheartedly endorse this evolution is exhibition stand display, and are proud to offer it to you at great prices and lead times! The system is incredibly user-friendly, as well as sustainable as we move into a more eco-conscious climate. As you can see above - the pricing and benefits speak for themselves.


All our bundle product pages include a wealth of information, footprint guides to show you its shell scheme stand fit, viewable videos and downloadable artwork templates and user guides. If you have any other questions about the system not on those pages, please reach out! We are here to help.


If you're browsing the range and cannot find a solution - we are able to custom produce framework and graphics to your exact requirements.  Let us know what you need and we can send over a free, no-obligation quote for services.

If you need more information on what is a shell scheme and how to make it look great with a variety of options including Pop Up Stands, Rollable & Rigid Shell Scheme Graphic Panels and Banner Stands, we've got a great blog here to offer more advice and explore other options.

Explore Fabric Exhibition Stands

Fabric Exhibition Stands

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