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Eco-Friendly Exhibition Display Printing for The British Society of Cinematographers (BSC)


Eco-Friendly Exhibition Display Printing for The British Society of Cinematographers (BSC)


British Society of Cinematographers (BSC)

The British Society of Cinematographers is an educational, social and professional organisation. It was formed in 1949 with the prime objective of promoting and encouraging the highest standards in the art and craft of cinematography.

Membership to the society is by invitation only and comprises some of the most talented Directors of Photography and Camera Operators in the United Kingdom. Their membership list includes big names like John De Borman BSC AFC (Director of Photography on Hamlet (2000), Serendipity (2001), Ella Enchanted (2004), & Shall We Dance (2004) to name a few), Michael Seresin and Alan Parker as collaborative Cinematographers (Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)). It also encompasses many distinguished friends and patrons from the film and television industry.

Large Format Cardboard Display Printing for BSC Entertainment


Eco-Friendly Exhibition Displays

Our client got in touch requiring a quotation for several large displays, with the strict brief that these needed to be eco-friendly and made from sustainable and responsibly sourced materials.

The boards were going to display the BSC's commitment to assisting the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and work closely with partners and other industry organisations to challenge the film and aTV industry to put sustainability at the heart of the creative process moving forward.

It was also an absolute necessity that the boards would feature rich and deep edge-to-edge full-colour printing in pin-sharp resolution, and we were welcome to include our details and product information on a corner of the board to champion the Eco Range!

Having discussed lead times, artwork and the material criteria, it was agreed to use 2mm Libra Grey Centred Display Board, a premium pvc-free print material with excellent print reproduction and perfect for internal displays for exhibitions, POS and hanging signage.


Cardboard Display Printing

Libra Cardboard Display Board is manufactured from high-quality folding box-board liners with a recycled fibre grey core. The surface of Libra Card gives it an excellent ink lift for an impressive print finish, with pin-sharp high resolution imagery and text recreation. Libra Card is perfectly suitable for internal exhibition, event and POS signage displays and is 100% recyclable with our water-based ink printing.

We are able to source sheets of Libra up to 3-meters wide, allowing you to create large internal displays with your branding, artwork and layout on an edge-to-edge print. Sheets are then precision cut to your size and shape requirements.

Due to the nature of cardboard and courier delivery, we will always make sure to over-package your Libra Cardboard to make sure it reaches its delivery destination unscathed and ready for display straight away.

If you have any questions regarding eco-friendly display printing, Libra Card or any other print material in our range, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

A big thank you to our client for sending through the above image of their Libra Card Exhibition Display Panel in situ at the BSC Expo in February 2024, we really appreciate it and your commitment to a greener, more sustainable future!

Raw Printable Libra Cardboard For Display Boards

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Posted by Samantha on February 26th 2024

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