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Formulate Fabric Exhibition Stand for Mosaic Publicity


Formulate Fabric Exhibition Stand for Mosaic Publicity


Mosaic Publicity

Mosaic is a sustainable marketing agency for brands with a conscience. They are passionate about helping organisations show the world they care. With nearly a quarter of a century of experience, Mosaic has been dedicated to this mission from the beginning.

As the founders of Conscience Marketing®, they deliver a wide range of marketing and communications services to organisations that genuinely want to make a difference to the planet and people around them.


Tension Fabric Exhibition Stands

Tension fabric exhibition stands are innovative display solutions designed to create eye-catching presentations at trade shows, conferences, and other events.

These stands utilise stretchable fabric material that is tightly fitted over lightweight aluminium frames, creating seamless and visually appealing displays. The fabric is typically printed with high-resolution graphics using dye-sublimation printing technology, allowing for vibrant colours and sharp images.

One of the key advantages of tension fabric exhibition stands is their versatility and ease of assembly. The lightweight frames can be quickly assembled without the need for tools, making setup and breakdown fast and efficient. Additionally, the fabric graphics can be easily replaced or updated, providing flexibility for future events or marketing campaigns.

Another benefit of tension fabric stands is their portability. The frames can often be collapsed into compact sizes for convenient transportation and storage, making them ideal for businesses that participate in multiple events or require frequent travel.

Overall, tension fabric exhibition stands offer a modern and professional way to showcase brands and products, combining striking visuals with practicality and ease of use. They have become increasingly popular in the exhibition industry due to their aesthetic appeal, versatility, and convenience.

2400mm Formulate Curve Fabric Exhibition Display


2400mm Formulate Curved Fabric Display

"We love our new exhibition stand. The quality is great and it really stood out amongst all the other stands at the business expo we attended.  Thank you so much." - Mosaic Publicity

One of the standout configurations in the Formulate range is the Formulate Horizontal Curved Fabric Display, widely favoured for its versatility and appeal. This fabric display is perfect as a back wall or dividing wall, elevating the dynamism and allure of any exhibition space.

Formulate Curved back walls are constructed of lightweight 30mm diameter push-fit aluminium tubing for tool-free simple deployment. Complete with optional double-sided dye-sublimated tension-fit fabric graphics that zip at the base to perfectly contour the shaped aluminium structure and maximise your brand message.

Formulate displays offer a variety of great shapes with clean lines, ideal for creating picture back walls or defining areas in rooms by screening or zoning. The double-sided tension fabric graphics perfectly contour the shaped aluminium structures and maximise your brand message.

It was a pleasure to create and print this stand for the Mosaic Publicity team, and we cannot thank them enough for sending through imagery of their new stand in situ!

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Posted by Samantha on April 4th 2024

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