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Bespoke Acrylic Logo Creation for Arts Unlimited - The Gallery


Arts Unlimited is a brand new gallery now open in Bridport. A welcome addition to the highstreet and Bridport's vibrant artistic scene, Art Unlimited will focus on a range of genres of art and will display works from local and national artists as well as some from the USA, Germany and New Zealand, many who do not exhibit work elsewhere in UK. There will be works in both 2D and 3D formats and material from emerging artists to showcase their work to the public, often for the first time.

Dorset artist Howard Flanagan will feature his own work in the gallery, and is well known for his large finely detailed paintings. In 2017 he was a finalist for The Sunday Time Watercolourist of the Year.

Art Unlimited will be divided into two – the first a retail section where selected works will be displayed and sold and the second a gallery that will form an exhibition space where either a single artist, or group of artists can show their work for a limited period.


Needing very much a bespoke and custom recreation of his logo, a meeting on site at the gallery was organised with Mr Flannigan, our Design Team Manager, and our Sales Representative to gauge ideas, and how we could creatively replicate his logo for the gallery front.

Installations were needed for the main header board at the top of the shop, and the large open window front. The logo and window display needed to be eye-catching, but not obstruct visibility into the gallery, to entice walkers-by to stop, view, and enter the gallery.

Whilst on site the idea was struck to make the logo out of coloured acrylic, layered, to make the logo 3 dimensional. Nothing like this stands in the immediate area of the gallery, nor I believe have we created a logo like this before! This fantastic idea would act as a focus point to draw peoples eye, but simple and contemporary in its construction.

The artwork was provided by Mr Flannigan, and our Design Team and Production set to work re-creating the logo in a vector format to transform into acrylic and vinyl.


The Logo is transformed into Vector format by our Design Team to allow for recreation and high-quality replication
The shop front header panel and door vinyl are designed, adding typography, and sized to suit perfectly.
A Design Proof of what the final installation will look like to allow for full visual impact and sign-off from the client.

Our in-house Design Team, dubbed the creativestudio, masterfully recreate the logo into a format then completely able to be manipulated into all shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Did you know the designs created upstairs, speak directly to the programming in our printers downstairs? When the creativestudio send you a proof of the artwork created, it is exactly what our Production team will make sure goes out the door, and the installations team will follow the brief exactly to your signed off request.


Configuring the individual cuts of acrylic in the logo template
Final logo assembly, mounted to a strong adhesive backing paper ready for installation
Logo being recreated on the gallery in perfect alignment
Vinyl Window Graphic applied detailing logo and opening times
Gallery front complete! Logo and Vinyl Text applied and given sign-off
Welcome to Arts Unlimited - The Gallery, Bridport


Having creative ideas flow between Mr Flannigan and our Design team is what can making your organisation one to see on the high street! The ingenuity to create something clever, completely original and inventive is a testament to both the new gallery, and our creativestudio.

We understand at the time this blog went to post, Mr Flannigan had a very successful opening last week, and is set to grace many homes, offices and spaces with the artwork in the gallery. Don't forget as well! Their is an exhibition space for new and emerging local and international artists, so please contact the gallery if you have the creative flair.

We are incredibly please to see how the logo was re-created, as a first for us in 3D logo creation, we look forward to seeing this type of logo on many more organisations to come!

Posted by Samantha on February 28th 2022

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