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Illuminated Letters for Prodigy IT Solutions


Founded by Aden Ottewill in 2003, Prodigy IT Solutions began trading as a provider of professional IT support for domestic and small businesses across Dorset and Somerset. 

As their status in the industry grew, a large portion of their clients realized that Prodigy could deliver much more than just IT expertise. They could also help offer solutions for direct business objectives. By utilizing their comprehensive knowledge of technology, they could address the numerous practical challenges a successful company might encounter.

Prodigy’s strength centres on the premise of providing excellent customer service and a passion for continually enhancing their client’s IT and business experience.


Creative Solutions and Prodigy have a great work relationship and have helped the team on several interior revamp projects, including two Prodigy IT stand-off lettering acrylic logos, window graphics, and a full-colour printed wallpaper.

Being all about IT, the recreation of their logo needed to be modern, tech-friendly, and offer full visibility at all times of day and throughout the year.

Coming into the Autumn months was a perfect time to pre-empt the darker evenings, and create an Illuminated Lettering option to allow for full use of the Prodigy typography, and stand-off in perfect contrast against the corrugated metal exterior of the building.


We offer a full range of completely customisable illuminated signage, your imagination is really the only limit. Lit from within, behind, in-front or through a flex-face surface, it can be created in any size and a perfect replica of your branding.

All components of the installation and creation of your signage will be discussed with you, and nothing made until you are 100% happy with the design proofs, concept, and installation date.

As with our previous work with Prodigy, this growing IT Specialist is completely embracing the power of its branding and marketing potential, and we were really glad to assist with the instal of this glowing beacon that now sits proudly outside their offices.

You can see below images of the built-up rimless aluminium letters, these were powder-coated to match the back wall. The translucent Opal Acrylic is then attached to the front of these to encase the wiring and act as the shining window of each letter. This same acrylic is used for the power button "O", but with the addition of a blue vinyl film. Fully illuminated with 6500k White LEDs, and tested to perfection, we hope Prodigy sees years of use, they are a great team to work with.


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Illuminated Lettering

Posted by Samantha on October 19th 2021

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