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Outdoor Signage for Luxy Locks


Luxy Locks has gone from strength to strength under Amie Spurgeons' care; starting small in 2013, the team and shop outgrew their humble premises, relocating to the centre of Seaton in 2015. Whilst closed under covid restrictions, this luxury hair and skin salon came back determined to continue making their mark, and had the face-lift of the year when they got in contact with Creative Solutions.

Incredibly welcoming to all who walk through their doors, a wealth of knowledge in all things health & beauty, they are leading the path for Green salon efficiency and produce zero landfill waste!

Modern and vibrant, Luxy Locks continuously strives to not only deliver high-quality products and excellent customer services - they're also making every effort to fight climate change and waste production in every area of their business. Go Team Luxy Locks!


If you boldly braved the lockdown hair growth and counted down the days like Christmas to step away from your at-home office desk at the kitchen table, what better way to shake the tumbleweeds than walking through the seaside town towards the shining beacon of black, gold, and green at Luxy Locks.

Luxurious by name, stylish by nature, Amie contacted the Creative Team to help in re-vamping her haven of health. We designed and installed a new set of outdoor signs, two gloss laminated self-adhesive vinyl prints for the windows, and a digitally printed gloss laminated Aluminium Composite board for the door. This took the aged green and glitter exterior signage and transformed it into a contemporary and sophisticated studio to welcome back its clientele after the much-anticipated re-opening. What better way to greet customers back with some of your own self-care!

As a creative herself, Amie had a sure-fire vision of a sleek, modern, and decadent set of signage to match the studio's identity and offering. Smooth matt black paneling, with stand-off metallic gold acrylic lettering and logo smartly covered over the faded exterior, and added a striking air of opulence with massive visual impact after a year of closure.

By including the wreath-style foliage, dotted with blossoms on the window and door decals, this introduced some nature back into the new exterior and made way for Amies ethos and vision for an eco-friendly boutique of beauty to really shine through.

Front Aspect
Side Aspect


We provided the client with a complete set of printed Aluminium Composite board fascia paneling, wrapped in matt black cut-vinyl. By wrapping the face and edges of the boards in this very strong shrink-wrapped vinyl, this not only creates a protective barrier against environmental elements, it helps to avoid shrinkage over time, and extends the preservation of any internal or external signage over 7-years. This was installed and then embossed with our custom printed vinyl sticker lettering in metallic gold to display the webpage, contact number, and various social media outlets above the door.

Positioned next was the stunning stand-off lettering in metallic gold acrylic and the leaf company logo to adorn the two long sides of the shop front. All the lettering was bonded directly to the fascia using stand-off locators to create that very stylish, clean and embossed visual.

Known for its eco-friendly nature, three gloss laminates were created by our Design Team to adorn the windows and old door with the Luxy Locks logo and studio offering. These were edged with a wreath of leaves and flowers to match the internal decoration of the studio. Cut to bespoke measurements, they offer a glimpse of green and pink which really draws the eye into the store, contrasting against the bold black and gold exterior.

It is very much time for Luxy Locks 'The Art of Luxurious Hair and Skin' to shine in the summer sun, beautiful aesthetic, and a real draw now gracing Seaton highstreet. Well done to our Design and Installation Teams for the immaculate creation and application!

Our Design Team is able to provide you with a highly accurate Design Concept, rendered onto the site of application for you to view prior to installation to make sure you're completely happy. You can see this attached below, and the finished project above!

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Posted by Samantha on June 18th 2021

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