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Shop Front Signage for Red & Ginger


Red & Ginger offers to the highstreet the ultimate pawsome experience. They have a strong ethical mindset of producing and offering sustainable and vegan-friendly stylish designs, all made from recycled and reloved materials.

Here you can find everything from harnesses, collars, to raincoats - and even doggy-friendly ice cream! We were very excited to receive the call to create some signage as unique as our client to stand out in the crowd.

Its great to see some bright and bold colours out and about with lockdown (hopefully) coming to an end. I will have to take my own pup in for an explore!


Needing an updated shop front installation, Red & Ginger got in touch to help renovate the front of their store.

Some old signage needed removing, making a blank canvas for the new artwork to be installed. The client had done a lot of prep work to make sure the shop was ready, with the new pieces offering a wonderful upgrade.

A long fascia sign was needed as well as a projecting sign to stand out for customers' eyeline on the high street and replace the single printed sign there before. Safe to say the wonderful tickled pink exterior was the perfect colour for this canine couture shop, and our signage needed to match this perfectly to complete the look.

The font of the brand set in acrylic Stand Of Lettering looked fantastic and striking against the pink in design briefs, and we're glad the client was in agreement with the finish.

The projecting sign also in matching pink and black was the final flourish, tying the whole shop front together and really drawing your eye. Once the sign has returned from the professional powder-coater, it was time to book an installation date and let Red & Ginger shine.

Pealing Vinyl Protective Layer
Removal of the old signage
Projecting Pooch Sign


The previous signage was removed which had the flat printed Red & Ginger logo over the front. We offer this as part of our service if old signage needs removing to make way for your new artwork.

Creating the long shop fascia sign in our signature Aluminium Composite Material, this was full colour printed in the iconic bright pink to match the previously painted wood exterior of our client's store. Matt laminated for protection against the elements, it was then prepped for the installation site with wall-mounting holes.

Once fitted, the Stand Off Lettering could be placed perfectly using the snapfix locators and template. A big fan of this type of lettering, it offers a real showpiece whether used internally or externally. From standard or custom fonts, numerous colours, materials, and fixtures, the range we can offer to suit your needs are incredible, and our talented installation team will make sure it is nothing short of perfection for you.

We returned to Red & Ginger at a later date to install their projecting sign with the pup face logo. Set on a double-sided aluminium tray, the faces and sides of the sign are powder coated for longstanding protection, offering a 15-year colour guarantee against the elements. The logo designs are printed and matt laminated onto the discs and installed, making sure all edges are laid down and in perfect placement.

We hope Red & Ginger had a very successful launch at the beginning of June, it was a pleasure to assist in your journey and we shall visit with dogs in tow very soon!

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Posted by Samantha on July 7th 2021

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