Callisto T3 Modular Exhibition Display

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Callisto T3 Modular Exhibition Display


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Callisto - Our Basic T3 Display Kit Overview

Open on two sides, flat back walls with the added interest of a corner curve. The simple sweeping design is the perfect backdrop for you exhibition stand. Quick to assemble and take down, the stand can be used time after time.

The T3 Callisto is our entry level kit. This gives you a the basic backdrop to use as your display. The modular display can be either free standing or attach to the shell scheme with optional fixings.

Callisto T3 is perfect for the exhibition spaces that are on the end of a row as it has two open sides. The curve at the back of the stand allows for a huge advertising area for your product or service, perfect to catch the eye of attendees of the exhibition. The extra heights at 3000mm allows your stand to go above most standard exhibition displays.

The sizes that the T3  kits are produced in are made to fit the most common of exhibition spaces. Callisto kits are available in 3x2 metres, 3x3 metres, 3x4 metres, and 3x5 metres floor areas. These are the exhibition spaces that we have found most popular with our customers over the years.

All you need to do is choose your display stand size, design your graphics and we will do the rest. Within a few working days we will deliver your exhibition stand ready to use.

T3 Modular Display Build Video

T3 Modular Display Animation

Callisto T3 Modular Display Features

  • T3 Callisto's Layout replaces the need and expense of a shell scheme.
  • Built to fit  various standard exhibition floor spaces
  • Two heights 2.2m or 3m.
  • Optional extras available to enhance your display stand

Callisto T3 Stand Sizes

The Callisto comes in a variety of standard floor areas:

  • 3x2m 
  • 3x3m
  • 3x4m
  • 3x5m

The stands will usually be very slightly smaller than the whole area, we have all the specific details on file so if you need to know the exact dimensions, please give us a call for details. We will get all the templates and information online at the earliest opportunity we get.

Who uses the T3 and why?

This modular exhibition stand is one of the newest out on the market. It is the perfect combination between the impact of a high end bespoke exhibition stand and value. The added value comes from the lower transportation and delivery costs.

This exhibition stand can be put up by you - there is no need for the expense of an experienced team of exhibition stand builders, we have taken the design costs out by supplying the basic structure of the exhibition stand, all you have to do is add your graphics to our template provided - and that's it!

We are very excited about this stand and know that with the lifetime guarantee, this stand will deliver for years to come. 

T3 Callisto Modular Display Specification

Item: Callisto T3 Modilar Exhibition Display
Total Graphics Area (width x height): TBC
Overall Height: 2000
Number of Panels:
Each Panel dimension (width x height): TBC
Total Kit Weight (Kg):

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