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Van Graphics for Ben Coath Garden & Grounds Maintenance Citroen Relay Van


Van Graphics for Ben Coath Garden & Grounds Maintenance Citroen Relay Van


Ben Coath Garden & Grounds Maintenance

Ben Coath stands is a trusted and esteemed garden and ground maintenance expert based in Axminster, extending his services throughout East Devon.

Specialising in a wide array of tasks including lawn mowing, hedge trimming, strimming, garden clearance, fencing, and beyond, Ben caters to diverse needs. Whether it's routine maintenance, annual upkeep, or specific projects, Ben offers flexibility to suit varying requirements.

With a commitment to professionalism and warmth, Ben Coath is your go-to solution for all gardening endeavours in East Devon, ensuring a service that is both amiable and proficient.

Rear Close-Up Green and Grey Van Branding Graphics for Ben Coath Citroen Relay Van
Van Graphics on Black Citroen Relay Van for Ben Coath
Ben Coath Garden & Grounds Maintenance Citroen Relay Van Artwork Proofing Designs Concepts


Van Graphic Design  Concept Options

Ben Coath reached out with a unique design concept for his new van, expressing interest in incorporating a Porsche-esque car skirt decal alongside his standard branding.

Upon receiving the design brief, our in-house Graphic Designers diligently worked to transform Ben's vision into reality. Several options were crafted to showcase how this concept would manifest on his dark grey Citroen Relay van, ensuring each design aligned seamlessly with his preferences and brand identity (see right).

Designing van graphics for Ben involved incorporating elements that represent the company's services, brand identity, and contact information whilst playing with placement for maximum visibility and effect.

Van Branding Graphics for The Log Store - Citroen Relay Van Front View
The Log Store - Branded Citroen Relay Van Rear View


Cut-Vinyl Vehicle Graphics

Cut vinyl vehicle graphics involve using vinyl material that is precisely cut into specific shapes and designs using a plotter or cutting machine. These graphics are typically applied to vehicles for branding, advertising, or decorative purposes.

Applying graphics and vinyl to your van offers a cost-effective marketing solution with long-lasting benefits. These graphics serve as a 24/7 advertisement for your company, reaching potential customers wherever you travel. Moreover, they help preserve the original paintwork of your van, leaving it in pristine condition while effectively promoting your business. With the ability to customise designs to fit your brand and messaging, vinyl graphics provide a versatile and durable option for showcasing your company's identity on the road.

Printed onto the same high-quality materials used for our vehicle wraps, your graphics will boast exceptional durability, with a life expectancy of 5-7 years. Not only will they protect the original paintwork of your vehicle, but they also feature a protective film layer. This layer enhances color vibrancy, ensures longevity, and provides UV protection, keeping your graphics looking vibrant and professional for years to come. With this added protection, your van graphics will withstand the elements and maintain their visual impact, effectively promoting your brand wherever you go.

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