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Van/Fleet Vehicle Graphics for Axminster Tools


Located in the South West, Axminster Tools & Machinery distribute across the entire UK, Eire and continental Europe. 

A family-run business, with more than 45 years of experience in the industry, they have cemented themselves as leaders in the mail order tools and machinery sector. They provide service to thousands of customers across the UK and Europe, from trade professionals to amateur DIY enthusiasts.


Creative Solutions are working in partnership with Axminster Tools; we’re assisting in numerous aspects of a rebranding and marketing initiative that they’ve been rolling out in recent months. This includes store signage and vehicle graphics for their ever-growing fleet. 

This is a great opportunity for the team here at Creative Solutions. For a tool company that is constantly evolving and expanding, it makes life much easier if they have all the design projects completed under one roof. We have total control over the quality of everything that leaves the studio—enabling us to provide a first-rate product every time. 

Whether it’s wide format posters for an advertising campaign, point of sale signage, or, in this case, fleet vehicle graphics—the client knows they’ll be receiving a premium service.

For this particular brief, Axminster Tools were looking for us to provide high-quality vehicle graphics for their company Peugeot Luton box van. The Artwork needed to adhere to the other rebranding features that we’ve been working on—in terms of colour schemes and design choices—while providing a strong, impactful image of the company. This van would be on the road constantly, so it was important the graphics really sent out a message of quality to potential customers.


After receiving a PDF from Axminster Tools—with relevant artwork and branding details—we supplied the client with printed vehicle graphics for their company Peugeot low-floor Luton box van.

The full-colour graphics, including the company logo, were applied to both sides of the van, while website information and additional text was printed to the back doors and the front of the van’s large cargo box. The graphics were then finished with a high-quality matte laminate. 

Before being printed on, the wooden panels of the back doors were painted red, to give an aged, rustic effect. The graphics are pin-sharp, and the red and white colour palette allows the artwork to really leap visually from the substrate.

As with all the current rebranding projects we’ve been working on with Axminster Tools, the client was extremely happy with the overall look of the van. The graphics keep in line with the other vehicles in the fleet—thus maintaining a strong branding throughline. We’re excited to get started on the next job with Axminster.

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Posted on October 30th 2020

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