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Outdoor Sign for Riverside House


Riverside House was a derelict and worn-down 19th-century ironworks. Part of a large community of local inhabitants of people, flora, and fauna, it was sympathetically converted into a heritage centre and estate that supports gardens, a restaurant, crafts shop, woodland, and workshops.

The ethos of Riverside House is to be openly inclusive, supportive, and caters to a wide range of individuals and their needs; supporting learning opportunities and practical skill development through conservation and preservation workshops and lessons around the estate.

As an incredibly ambitious social regeneration project, and safe space for all who visit to make improvements on their well-being, self-esteem, community involvement, and physical health, it was a pleasure to offer our services to Mr Stacey when he contacted us to aid in some new signage.


As an established organisation with branding in place, we were provided with the logo artwork and set to work reconstructing it into a format that would stand boldly on the outside of a re-purposed steel container on the estate. As always with outdoor signage creation, we always boast the benefits of having a material base and coating that can stand the test of time, and in whatever environment it will then call home.

Paying homage to its ironwork roots, it was decided the sign should be made out of laser-cut stainless steel, coated in a colour printed adhesive vinyl. The magic happened when the final gloss laminate was applied over this as the protective barrier. Creating that rainbow-esque, oil-spill iridescence to perfectly capture the Riverside House's two-toned logo.

Stainless Steel Lettering...
... Wrapped in our Gloss Laminated Vinyl
Completed Installation


We provided the client with a bespoke signage option, cut out of descaled 3mm stainless steel sheet. This was then expertly wrapped with our colour-printed vinyl in the chosen base colour.

We offer a large range of base printing materials for signage to suit any business' unique style or display needs. Including steel, aluminum composite board, and wood to name a few. These can then be expertly treated in another range of finishes, printed or painted for the all-important WOW-factor and to stand the test of time and environmental changes throughout the year. 

The last stage was to apply the gloss laminated 7-year vinyl to complete the task. Adding that protective element is key to any longstanding outdoor signage. As this was slightly coloured also, this allowed for the stunning dual-tone iridescence to shine through over the stainless steel when viewed from certain angles and in the sunlight.

Completed with some brass stand-off locators attached to the back of the artwork, everything was protectively wrapped and shipped to our client to be fitted. We do offer fitting services with all jobs accepted, but as an organisation enveloped by task-orientated workshops and learning, we are glad someone onsite at Riverside House got to benefit from seeing the final creation put together, and mounted with their own hands.

Proud to say our team managed to create something visually stunning, and even happier that Riverside House can now benefit from beautiful signage for years to come on their estate.

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Posted by Samantha on June 18th 2021

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