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Windy Corner Logo Design


Windy Corner Café is an edgy local restaurant on the West Bay quayside. They offer a wide selection of traditional British dishes. The cafe is dog-friendly, biker-friendly, and very popular.

The client from Windy Corner contacted Creative Solutions with a request for help in a complete rebrand. The customer wanted a more contemporary and edgy feel. The name "Windy Corner" is a reference to a local motorcycle route, so motorcycles needed to be incorporated as part of the creative design—but this wasn’t necessarily essential. The client wanted to see what we could come up with from a design perspective.


The studio contacted the client in a bid to gain further information and to gauge the client's expectations and requirements. The studio, as best practice, always contacts the customer to gain more in-depth knowledge, to design on a more holistic approach and possible future requirements not yet considered. 

From this, the Creative team got to work sketching out some initial ideas. These were then developed into a possible final graphic design. The first set of designs produced intentionally did not contain any motorcycle elements so that the client could consider these and then discount any possible alternative options. This proofing process helped the client to discount this design path and realise the importance of the motorcycle element. Being guided by the client, the Creative team were guided to the correct motorcycle to use within the logo. 

A further two designs were created to then finalise the logo. This style incorporated elements from the first logo's design and the last. This look and feel could then be carried over into other graphic elements. One such element was a "burger logo" advertising their new burger offering. Using the style and creative look and feel of the brand, a new sub logo was designed that was in keeping with the main brand design.

Bridport Med Logo Design
Bridport Med Logo Design
Bridport Med Logo Design

Posted by Design Studio on May 13th 2021

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