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Bespoke coffee stencil for Symondsbury Estate


Symondsbury Estate has been in the Colfox family for over 100 years and remains an integral part of the local community. The Estate is located in the stunning Dorset countryside—a short walking distance from the unspoiled beaches and scenic coastal paths of the Jurassic Coast. 

The majority of the 1500-acre plot is comprised of farm land—both arable and pasture— and ancient woodland. On the vast, sweeping grounds you’ll find a multitude of residential, holiday and commercial property; picturesque holiday cottages, historic buildings fit for weddings, tithe barns and, importantly for us, a popular eatery:

Symondsbury Kitchen.


A cornerstone of the estate is the Symondsbury Kitchen, a well-frequented seasonal cafe. Here visitors will find an extensive menu, all the dishes of which are created from home-grown and local ingredients. The cafe also provides their customers with a range of cold and hot drinks—including, unsurprisingly, coffee. 

Creative Solutions were contacted by Symondsbury Estate about designing and creating a stencil template, which could be used to decorate their signature frothy coffees with powdered chocolate. The stencil would take form as the iconic tree which makes up Symondsbury’s logo. The tree emblem can be seen consistently in their branding.

The brief stated that we needed to stick as close as possible to their original design.


We provided the client with a bespoke, custom-made stainless steel coffee stencil. The product was manufactured and cut here at Creative Solutions, using Symondsbury’s original tree logo as a template.

The stencil was made from 1.5mm thick 304 stainless steel. This is the obvious choice of material for a product such as this; its non-corrosive nature means that it is ideal for commercial food and drink applications. For safe handling purposes, we also removed any sharp edges left from the original cut.

This is a new product for Creative Solutions and one we’re extremely happy with. The stencil works perfectly, and, as you can see from the image above, the sharp lines of the tree logo create a faultless image on the coffee. The client was delighted with the final result. 

Posted on February 18th 2020

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