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Label Printing for Cosmetic Bases


Cosmetic Bases, based in Axminster, Devon, have been operating in the UK for more than twenty years. As a company, they manufacture and formulate organic cosmetic bases for trade professionals and up-and-coming businesses in both the domestic and international markets.

Their natural body products are formulated from organic, plant-based ingredients. Amongst Cosmetic Bases’ extensive range, they offer creams, lotions, gels, oils, masks, serums, butters, shampoos and conditioners. During their time as a well-established pillar of the cosmetics industry, they have received numerous awards, including ‘best new natural beauty product’ at the Natural & Organic awards and a ‘Luxury Award’ in Eluxe Magazine.


Cosmetic Bases contacted Creative Solutions about designing and creating some labels for their product vessels. These labels would be digitally printed and cut to shape for each particular container by our design team.

This kind of production method is ideal for small businesses such as Cosmetic Bases. Not only can we provide custom-fit digitally printed labels, depending on vessel dimensions, we can supply the product in small batches so that there are no stocking issues with the customer. We’re very flexible here at Creative Solutions, so all of these elements can be altered to fit each client’s individual needs with different artwork —at a reasonable price.

In short, digital printing is much more versatile than traditional label printing.


The turnaround for this project was 5 days. As we digitally print and cut the labels in-house, we’re able to offer the client a speedy delivery, which Cosmetic Bases were delighted with.

First, Creative Solutions designed the stickers and created the layout. The labels were then printed on self-adhesive vinyl with a matte laminate finish. While the client chose this particular finish, there are numerous different grades and lamination types, which can be discussed with one of our expert design team. 

The client was extremely happy with the finished product. We provided Cosmetic Bases with vessel labels of the highest quality, exhibiting clear and precise typography and eye-catching design.

Posted on February 13th 2020

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