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Ecoflex 2 Printed Pavement Signs for Baboo Gelato

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Ecoflex 2 Printed Pavement Signs for Baboo Gelato


Baboo Gelato

Baboo Gelato was created in 2015 by Viennese gelatiere, Annie Hanbury. The inspiration for Annie’s business was fueled by her passion for making delicious and memorable ice cream and the bounty of ripe fruit on the doorstep of her Dorset home. 

Every batch of Baboo’s artisanal ice cream is meticulously prepared from scratch on their premises in Bridport, Devon. The hugely popular product is created with fresh, perfectly ripened fruit and local organic milk. Customers delight in Baboo’s intense, natural flavour of ice cream which comes in scoops, tubs, or the unique chocolate-coated ice cream bites ‘Baboos’.


Custom Printed Pavement Signs

Annie from Baboo contacted Creative Solutions about creating some custom printed pavement signs; these advertising boards would promote both the Baboo Gelato brand and their unique Doggy Doggy Yum Yum ice cream treats for dogs. The client had manufactured their own wooden bases, designed expressly to fit the custom printed pavement signs which we supplied.

This would be the second print run of this particular advertising option after the client was so thrilled with the first batch that Creative Solutions provided. Baboo are one of a large pool of long-standing clients who we’ve built strong relationships with over the years. 

Creative Solutions offer a wide range of pavement sign choices. For this specific brief, the client opted for the Eco-Flex 2 Pavement Sign. This sign is the perfect economical solution for pavement, roadside, and forecourt advertising. The sign features double-sided permanent graphics printed onto robust aluminium panels. Whilst providing outstanding value, we take great pride in the fact that this product is ecologically responsible, particularly when combined with the durable, recycled-PVC base.


Ecoflex 2 Branded Outdoor Displays

Creative Solutions provided the client with full colour self-adhesive print with a matte laminate finish, custom cut to an Ecoflex 2 Pavement sign shape. The print was applied to both sides of a 3mm aluminium composite material, 0.3mm skin board. The final dimensions of the signs were 460 by 850mm.

The client requested 10 signs with the Baboo Gelato branding on one side and Doggy Doggy Yum Yum on the other, and 10 signs with the Baboo Gelato graphics on both sides. 

The customer was delighted with the end result; a batch of highly durable signs—able to withstand any adverse weather conditions—with clear and striking aesthetics. Ecoflex Pavement signs are the perfect advertising choice for businesses such as Baboo Gelato.

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Ecoflex 2 Pavement Sign

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Posted on February 13th 2020

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